Monday, December 27, 2010

Since the weather got the better of mountain climbing yesterday (at least for us not completely mad people!) I decided it was time to finish Polly Pilot.
So, here she is - this is the first time i've used canvas, its usually wood.

The best thing about the days off at Christmas is being able to stay at home and make stuff! oh, and finish all the chocolates....and mince pies.....
Hope you're enjoying the day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Here are some quick piccys of the morning - The table is set ready for lunch, which I can smell and am really looking forward to!

My brother Blake made it through the snow from the Isle of Wight, here he is walking Toby up to Torc mountain.

And Santa amazid me completely by bringing an ATG....... a pink one no less!!!!!!! I was positively THRILLED with it ( for all you USA people, these things cannot be got here!)

Poor Toby needed a small snooze after eating the leg and ear off his new squeeky pig!

So, I hope you all enjoy your day.
Lots of love,
F xxxxx

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello, how are you all?
Last Saturday I was struck by a sudden dose of festive cheer! Having spent the afternoon at the christmas market ( its always the food stalls that get me!) followed by a hot port I was in tree buying mood.......
However, Mr. Bah Humbug pointed out that next weekend would be better for many reasons, and he was right of course, but thats not the point!
So, my festiveness was spent singing Christmas carols (badly) and making cookies (well!)

Every year I have this idealised fantasy in my head where my family gather together after watching Home Alone or something equally festive, we play christmas tunes and happily decorate the tree, feeling nothing but love for each other and enjoying the coziness of home.

What actually happens is, my girls have amazing social lives and can only help with the tree if it fits in between straightening hair and the taxi arriving. Zac who will have done his duty helping his Grandparents with their tree is sick of the whole thing.
So, it will be me, a bottle of wine, a mince pie or two and Mr. Bah Humbug who will have to endure my singing once again!

And do you know what? I'll enjoy every bit of it!!!!

p.s. Mr. bah Humbug actually turns into an xmas fairy, bursting with festiveness, but not untill the 18th of December!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft fair report!

Today was great, we found Ballylongford easily and followed the trail of people laden down with boxes and baskets of goodies to the hall. We ( Tim came as my chief elf!) set up the stall and then followed our noses to the mince pie stall.... then the cake stall.... then the mulled wine stall.... you get the picture! Amongst the bits and pieces I had made were these altered note books, this one was the first to sell.

Spot the helper!

We met lots of lovely people, alot of whom will be at the Killarney Christmas fair next weekend, so I will have to visit and see if I missed anything today!

Hope you had a good weekend, is it really over all ready???
Felicia x

Saturday, November 20, 2010

leaving things till the last minute....

Hello, tomorrow I am off to Ballylongford for a Christmas fair. I was kindly invited by the lovely Josephine and Laura Denihan, so i'm packing up boxes of "stuff" ready to load the car and head to the wilds of north Kerry in the morning.
So far I have, fabric heart tree decorations, jewellery, scrapbooks and altered notebooks....... I really didn't leave it till the last minute this time, I actually did loads every weekend but there is still SOOOOOOO much to do!
Of course, I could be bringing it all home again, that means you all know what my christmas gifts are going to be!
No, I haven't been organised enough to take pictures yet, but tomorrow I will !

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday night (that means watching to X-Factor to just about everyone in Ireland!)
byeeeeee! xx

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday sunday!

Okeedokee, I'm up and crafting like a loon!
I have 6 names for the festive swap.. our theme is, ...... erm, lets see........
Twas the night before Christmas!
So, lets make something lovely, maximum of 6" by 6" and just for fun put an envelope in somewhere ( Yes, I am in a very random mood today!!!!)
Six pages including front and back covers. Please contact your partner and keep the communication open - and have your mini in the post by the last day of November.
Thanks for playing, and don't forget to put the badge on your blog!!

We are welcoming Ebony to the swap this month ( no, not that one, a new one!)

So, Timi is swapping with Nicole
Ann is swapping with Ebony Phoenix
and I am swapping with Ebony Ivory

Have fun!!!!! xxx

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mad Hatter!

This is the Mad Hatter with attitude- apparently its no longer cool to smile in photos!!
Still a good time was had by all!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

who wants to play???

I'm here making a very tall mad hatters top hat for Zac..... Pictures to follow!
I should be finishing some reports for work, but its Halloween! (nuff said!)
anyhoo, I just thought I'd ask if anyone wants to play "swap the mini" this month?
I was thinking that December will just be sooooo busy for everyone, so why don't we swap something festive in November and then we can take December off?
Leave me a comment, I'll gather up the names on Sunday 7th and post the list then.
so, i'd better get back to this hat, apparently teaspoons need to be sewn to his jacket too- at very nearly 14 he can tackle that bit himself!
Actually he could probably make the hat too, but then what fun would that be for me??!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surely not!!!

Its October, the Halloween decorations aren't even up yet (they are down from the attic though, so maybe today?) and I find myself making a christmas album!
But I'm making it for a good cause, so its ok.
My junior school friend Heidi, whom I haven't seen for very close to 30 years (eek!) has a daughter who goes to the same village school that we went to. Through the wonders of Facebook, she has asked past pupils to donate something to the christmas fair raffle..... So thats what i'm doing!
I'm making it fairly simple with lots of photo space using the K&CO Yuletide collection from the Crafty Alley . I swore I wasn't buying anymore paper..... but you know how these things happen... ( Isn't that right Ann??!)
When its finished I'll put up some more photos.
Have a lovely day,
F x

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The October List!

Mwah ha ha!! ( thats my evil laugh...)

Here is the list for the most "Frightful and Delightful" album swap of the year- Its short and sweet!

Clare L - Timi
Ann - Christa
Nicole - Felicia

So ladies, you know how it works - you can make anything that is 6" square or less, you can even repeat the TP roll template if you want. Have fun and try to have it in the post by Halloween.
Thanks for playing!!!
(creaky door hinge, clap of thunder, more mwah- ha-ha-ing!!!!!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

And the winner is......

Hello Peeps, remember all those goodies I was giving away?
Well, having failed to put all the names on a "random generator" site ( due to internet connection problems) I went with the old fashioned name in a hat method, and the winner is........

JENNY (AYELET)!!!! send me an email with your postal address Jenny, and I'll get it out to you asap. xx

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Stuff.

Hello, I just wanted to show you the beautiful album I got from Christa in this months swap.
There are some really pretty things inside, i'll show you more of it in a video soon. Thanks Christa, I love it!!

Zac is doing a graffiti art course at the moment and since his room needed decorating anyway, he's practising his art. Those spikes at the bottom are the crown on the statue of liberty!! I'll have to make him stop soon, no amount of open windows will get rid of the smell of spray paint!
( he's wearing a mask for the spraying bit)

If you live anywhere near me and would like a pumpkin for Halloween lanterns then please buy one of Zacs!! He grew these from seed in my Dads greenhouse, planted them out and harvested them - prehaps he's the next Richard Branson!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello lovely ladies, its the last day of the month, so hopefully your album is ready to go or has gone!
If you've been delayed in any way, like, life in general got in the way or something then please email your partner to let her know.
Now, i'm off to open the package that arrived from Christa today.... I love it when I get an album in the post, its like Christmas!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you ready???

Hello, sorry i've been missing for a while - i'm just back from a 3 day course, very interesting and very exhausting.
Anyhoo, as I was sitting on the train it occured to me that tomorrow is the last day of september! how? when?!
I had thought that I'd bring the laptop and keep up to date with emails and blogs but alas, no internet connection in the hotel room.....
Guess what that means (other then the hotel was a tad last century- ish?) It means that the next swap will be HALLOWEEN THEMED!!!!!!!!
So, if you're ready to make something "FRIGHTFUL AND DELIGHTFUL" then leave a comment!
I'll put the list up next monday (4th) along with the name of the candy winner!
Enjoy the rest of the week, and especially the weekend,
Felicia x

Sunday, September 19, 2010

No, really....!

When I said, "this took me ages to make" I was being sarcastic!! I wouldn't know where to start! I tried getting my daughters computer whizz college student friends to do it... but no go.
So, I got the lovely Lyndzi over at cutest blog on the block to do it. She just waved her magic computer wand and there it was!!

Just so we're clear on who the clever clogs is here.... ( that wouldn't be me!)
Glad you like it though, I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hey Girlies, finally my button is here!!! If you are one of the lovely Scrapzville swappers then grab the badge and display it on your blog!!!!
It took me ages to make this.......... yes, you can laugh, I have Skype and no clue how to use it, so making a button is a bit beyond me!!
Hope you're having a great Saturday night!
F xx

Sketchbook project

When I signed up for this it was probably August, maybe even July and I have untill January to finish it....... BAD!!! I'd be much better off if I was given two weeks, I work well with deadlines!

Anyway, this is a page that I finished this week - I'd better get on with a few more!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally finished!

About a year ago I started this project, and today I found it in the draw and decided to finish it.
Its made from two wooden heart cut outs that I painted with silver acrylic paint.

I printed a photo of my daughter onto pearlised tracing paper to give it a ghostly effect (it was an experiment and she hates the photo I used, but it would take another year for me to get around to doing another one!) I stuck it on with Mod Podge along with some corrugated card that I painted with silver dabber.

Then I added some lace, silk and paper flowers and some ephemera from the SteamPunk Debutante collection.

And finally, after a year of sitting in my "to Finish" draw, its done!
I heard someone describe it as "the scrapping graveyard" - What projects do you have lurking in yours???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Swap candy!

How are all my lovely swappers?!

Here are the goodies that are going to one of you this month - there is loads of paper, its Penny Lane by My Minds Eye, vellum, grunge paper, tags, more tags, coin envelopes, lace fibres, prima flowers, feathers, skeleton leaves, buttons, brads and bling - oh, and a tri fold frame from Bare Elements to stick it all to!

How are you getting on with your minis? have you all heard from your partners? if you have any questions, leave me a comment and i'll get back to you soon.

Today is the Crafty Alley Dublin crop - I hope you all have a good day ladies, you never know there might be some visitors from Kerry at the next one!

Enjoy your weekend,
Felicia x

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New challenges, Sad endings....

I firmly believe that you should do something that scares the life out of you as often as possible. That way, that particular thing won't be scary anymore - or maybe it will scare you so much that you know not to do it again! but at least you will know and not spend your days wondering about it.

So, because of that, when I was offered another job - soooo far out of my comfort zone - I made the decision to leave the job I love, and give it a try. Yesterday was my last day at the Crafty Alley Shop, and I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who made it such a lovely day - but especially Cathy.

The celebrations started with a tea party at the Craft Club...

Which quickly moved on to Champagne and strawberries! - we do things in style around here!

And ended with Cocktails - mostly (well, some!)non alcoholic - but very enjoyable all the same!
So, a very big thank you to Mary, Ann, Josephine, Laura, Ebony, Clare, the new Clare and Cathy for such a nice send off!
Tomorrow I start my new adventure - it could make for some interesting blog posts, but for now I'm enjoying a day at home pottering around and getting some crafting done.
I will now be a The Crafty Alley Shops best customer!
Enjoy your day,
Felicia xx

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap partners list!....

Hi Ladies, here is the list......
All of your partners are members of the crafty alley so you can contact each other through that. If you have any questions or problems dont' hesitate to email me and i'll do my best to help.
Because there is an odd number I will make two albums, that way everyone gets to play!

Ok, here we go.........

Felicia - Timi
Felicia - Christa
Nicole M - Ann Healy
Nicola - Ebony
Ayelet - Clare L
Michelle - Clare B
Sandie - Louise

So, get chatting and discuss colours, you have all seen the template and most importantly have fun making it!!!
Please have your album in the post by 29th September at the latest.

Thanks for playing,
Felicia xxx

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Envelope Album....

September Swap Template.

Well, here it is, the template for this months swap.....

I think it'll be interesting to have everyone use the same shape mini, and then see what you all do with it!

I thought a fairy would be cute and easy to put in somewhere - but why did I say to remind us of the summer???? aren't they kind of an all year thing?

If you want to join in, leave me a comment here and i'll put up the list of partners on the 1st of September.

Thats all for now, enjoy whats left of the weekend,

F xxx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paper suitcase and weekends away!

The sun is shining today, so its still summery, but school is sneaking up on us!
Last week I went to Derrynane in West Kerry for a nights camping. We took our kiyaks and enjoyed the beautiful day out at sea. It was such a nice place that we stayed another night ( the food at The Blind Piper was a huge incentive, delicious!)
Look how clear the water was, i've never seen it like that before!

I've done very little crafting of late, but last Saturday Robyn
was teaching the card making class at The Crafty Alley shop. She made a paper case that contained greetings cards, it was really cute, so on Sunday I made one at home. Mine doesn't contain cards but could be a nice gift box, and it was very simple to make.

So ladies that is all of my news for today. I'm still taking names for the September swap untill Monday 30th, this months challenge will be small enough so it won't take too much time!
I'm off to do a bit of gardening now - we have loads of tomatoes that are still green, but we can't look at another courgette! my Dad bought a book called "what on earth will I do with all these courgettes" its full of really nice recipes, I'd better try some out!
Enjoy your day,
Felicia x

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Itchy Fingers!!

Good morning everyone, how are you all?

I think its time to start gathering names for the September swap - I'm getting all fidgety and wanting to make stuff!
I;m not sure what the swap will be yet, but it'll be fun and there will be SWAPCANDY!!!
So, leave me a comment here and i'll gather up all the names at the end of the month.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Felicia x

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At last......!

So, here I am again. I kind of stopped writing because it was sunny and everyone was too busy for blogging. However, its positively autumnal again! raining and cold.... summer is rumoured to be coming back again next week though...(yeah!)
This is what I've been up to since I last wrote.....

We celebrated Mollys' 16th birthday.
I've made one whole page for my Sketchbook Project - still it doesn't have to be finished untill January 2011. Why did they tell me that???
I made an altered photo frame as part of my Mums birthday present. It is Tim Holtz Lost & Found papers, it turned out really well, better then this photo did!
And yes, this is junk....literally! its for a "Recycled Art" exhibit for the Killarney Summerfest.

So, thats what i've been doing. How about you?
F x

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thinking out loud.....

Hi everyone, you know when you think out loud? well I did the exact oppisite!
I thought to myself,
"Self, lets take summer holidays from the Scrapzville swap for July and August and start back in September"

However, I forgot that you can't read my thoughts! my apologies for not posting this on 30th June.
So, sometime in late August I will gather up the names and come up with a theme.
I notice that everyone is posting less as the weather gets finer- I will still put up the odd project but to be honest my craft desk has been neglected!

Have a wonderful summer ladies,
love to all!! xx

Saturday, June 19, 2010

As Promised...

Maggie received her altered book, so here is the cover. You can see why I couldn't post it before - I mean, she would never have guessed it was for her...!
And this is the cover of Anns' album for Junes Scrapzville swap. The theme was "How does your garden grow" So it has a picket fence and a packet of seeds inside!

I'm almost finished the matchbox to send to Dee for this months swap. Its amazing how much stuff you can get into it! I haven't made a video for ages, so I'll do one of this before it goes into the (registered!) post.
Hope you're all enjoying the lovely day,
Felicia xx

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday!!

This morning I had a lovely surprise when the post arrived.... these tags came from Kay who lives in New York. She sent them as a RAK - Thankyou Kay!!!!! They are beautiful, the fairy is Kays first attempt at mixed media. FAB!!!!!

Over the weekend I had a bit of a polka dot frenzy.... this wooden chest had been around for at least a year waiting to be turned into a sewing box.

and this blue and white polka dot fabric from the Crafty Alley shop was perfect for yet another scatter cushion on my bed! (Have you ever used Bondaweb? its the bomb for adding designs to fabric - just iron it on!)

Last, but not least, here is a sneaky peak of the "How does your garden grow album" I made for Ann. The full cover will be revealed when she has finally seen it herself! ( being two weeks late finishing an album for my own swap is just scandalous!!)

So, thats what i've been up to for the weekend, i'm a whole 8 rows into an Aran sweater that is going to be a epic knitting adventure! I'll post pictures when its a decent size.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend,

Monday, June 7, 2010

June swap partners!

Good morning everyone,
here are the partners for the matchbox swap:

Clare - Katie
Ebony - Timi
Maria Adams - Ann H
Dee - Felicia

Ok, so get your matchbox and alter it- you can talk to your partner about colours and themes.
Now what to put inside?.....
Here is a very random list for you!

6 flowers
something that makes a noise
a frame
2 decorated tags
10 pieces of bling
something found outside
6 die cuts
something with a face.

Of course you can add extra bits if you want. Have fun with it and please contact your partner soon.
You can make all of the items or use up whats in your stash - the die cuts can be any shape, any material, you can use a die cut machine or hand cut them.
So ladies, thats it for this month. Please have your matchbox in the post by 30th June at the latest.
Have fun,
Bye! xxxx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Altered Book.

Hi there,

I've just finished an altered book, it was made from a really old copy of "the Swiss family Robinson".

The book came from the second hand shop and was published in 1972, but sadly had lost alot of its pages, so I hope it didn't mind being made into a journal!!

I used all sorts of materials, watercolour pastels, chalk pastels, acrylic paint, tissue paper.... the list goes on.

It is actually a present so I can't show you all of the cover as her name is on it - I'll post that one when she has received it.

So, here a the pictures!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Sign Ups.

Hi All, how are you??

Well, as i promised you this month is a little different. I'm going to put up the sign up list untill next Monday 7th June, so if you like this idea leave me a comment and i'll organise it all on Monday.

Now, I can't take credit for this idea, i've scraplifted it from Suzie. She very kindly said that we could borrow it for this month, we are going to alter and swap matchboxes!!

No, not the little tiny ones, the large ones - I think they are called "cooks matches" they are about 6"x3"x1" (that is a very vague guesstimation!)

So you alter the box and then make the goodies to go inside. It will be a bit like a check list - make 3 pink flowers, put something square in - you get the idea!

I think it sounds like fun, and it will be a quick project too.

Ok, leave me a comment, bye for now!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Mid-Summer, Midnight Crop

Ladies, (and gentlemen if there are any scrap minded types reading this)
The 25th of June is fast approaching and that is the night for the Midnight Crop!!! (drum roll!!)
This will involve meeting for dinner, and then back to the Crafty Alley Shop for a fun filled night. There will be a kit for the nights project, challenges, pass the parcel and a great laugh.
If you would like to join me in this night of scrapiness then sign up quick! There is a really nice Thai restaurant in town, we could go there or do something less spicy.
Suggestions please!!!
See you on the 25th,
F xxxxx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June Swoon!

Wasn't it snow and ice and Christmas about 2 months ago???
Apparently not!
This year is flying by, which is a bit worrying as they say that the older you get the quicker time passes.... I don't believe that for a second!
So, as the weather is beautiful I think we should do something slightly different for June, just in case this sunshine continues and we don't want to be inside.
I'll let you know what soon, but if you would like to swap something next month then leave a comment here!
It'll be fun, I promise!
Hope you're all getting on well with your "How does your garden grow" Minis,
Enjoy the sunshine,
Felicia xx

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art Journal Cover

Hey girlies, have you seen the fab art Journal that Louise made? If not hop over and have a look, she even has a step-by-step on Youtube.
Anyhoo, I've been keeping an art journal for a good while now so I thought i'd show you the cover. ( I strongly recommend keeping an art journal to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life!) You can write the most random things in it, its just a big (A4) pretty book full of thoughts, sometimes worries and all the time hopes and dreams!
The "TRUST" on the cover is to remind me to have faith in the universe! Trust that fate isn't going to kick my ass, trust that every cloud has a silver lining etc.,....
Enough rambling, I'm off to a beach BBQ in Inch now..... its a hard life!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hey there,
Its Friday and after a truly stressfull week, there is finally time to relax.
My keyboard is now covered in gesso!
I'm having a sudden attack of "Finish-it-itus" so, all those half finished altered books that are scattered over my desk are getting the attention they deserve at last!
I have a birthday mini album to finish and send to Canada (its so close to being finished, but I can't decide what its missing - at this rate it'll be a Christmas present!)
The album i'm making for this months swap started off with a theme and colourscheme... but there were just so many nice things, and now the scheme is "organised cluttered" I'd better not say anymore, Ann might be reading this!..........
So, I will get back to it now, I think the gesso is dry.
Is anyone coming to the midnight crop next month? I need to organise it, so if you are leave a comment here or on the Crafty Alley blog I'll know how many kits to make.
Thats all for now,
Felicia x

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday already!

Hi all, its Sunday already!! how did that happen?
I've done very little crafting............ boo.
I've climbed lots of mountains..... hoorah!
The bare minimum of housework has been done, so i suppose thats ok. It needs to rain so I can clean my house, if its sunny I can't stay indoors!
My brother is visiting from England so i've been out and about with him, its lovely to have him here - I haven't seen him for 3 years.
So those are all my excuses for not posting anything for ages!
I will post the pictures of Anns mini as soon as its finished, how are you all getting on with yours?
Ok, i'm off to eat lemon tart now,
have a good week! x

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy International Scrapping Day!!

May 1st is celebrated for alot of reasons, but heres one that we can all join in with - International Scrapbooking day! I'm working on a few 'altered' projects, but I think that counts as scrapping...
The partners for the swap this month are as follows:

Clare - Robin
Cathy - Jenny
Ebony - Ann marie
Tracey - Christine
Ann - Felicia

The challenge is to use paint instead of paper on one page, and the theme is "How does your garden grow?"

I hope you all have a very happy May Day,
F xx

Monday, April 26, 2010

Its That Time Again!

Hi ladies, how are you all getting along with your April swaps?
For May, because some people are busy and some are back i'm going to ask you to leave me a comment here if you want to play this month.
So, you have untill 8pm on the 30th (thats Friday) to sign up and then i'll assign partners on the 1st May.
I'm dying to join in again, i haven't made anything at all this month, so hopefully someone will want to swap with me!!
So, take care and i hope to see your name here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing the Stripey Shawl!!

Well, Bantry was beautiful, we stayed in the Maritime Hotel and ate in O'Connors seafood restaurant - Wow, it was sooooo lovely, I was so full!!
Its really nice to go away, my parents came with us and the kids stayed at home to mind the dogs! thats the upside of Ebony having passed her driving test, she can do the school run - the down side is, Wheres my car?????????
Of course we were also accompanied by the stripey shawl, I actually finished it in time!!! I was so amazed, it started by casting on 5 stitches, and i cast off 403!! its really warm and I just love, love, love it!
So here are the piccys....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its Wednesday, i'm going away tomorrow, its still on the needles!! However, i have very little left to do so this evening i will become a casting off, stitching in ends, pressing, kind of lunatic who will hopefully be the proud (so proud!!) owner of a stripey shawl!
Byeee x

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing new...

Hi, i'm afraid i've nothing new to show for this week.... i've done nothing but knit in an attempt to prove i can finish something !
I'm away to the mountains today, but won't bore you with photos ( unless they are really good!) are you noticing a pattern here? the sun is shining, i'm out somewhere - if its raining i'm crafting!!
Enjoy your day,
F x

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who wants to play Hide- the-Book??!

Hello again, I recently heard from a friend of a game she had played years ago and it got me thinking....
When you have finished reading a book, you write your name, the date and the place you left it in the front. I suppose you could add your blog or email instead of your name.
Anyway you put it in a bag and leave it somewhere, anywhere, and the person who finds it reads it, signs it and leaves it somewhere... and so on it goes!
I think i will start one and just see where it goes- Do you think this is a good idea or am i just leaving my details to crazy people????!

More Mountains!

The sun is still shining and since i showed you the snowy mountains, i thought i'd show you Kerry in the sun! But, it was hazy, so still not the best shots. I'm trying to get you all curious enough to come up with me sometime!!

Hope you're all enjoying the fine weather,

F xx

Monday, April 12, 2010

Knitting Fever!

Hi, isn't knitting supposed to be a Winter hobby? you know, sitting by the fire knitting jumpers and being all cosy?

Well me being me, the hottest day of the year so far (not much competition !) a whole 19 degrees, i decide to knit something....

Well, actually last Friday i decided to knit a shawl, the Crafty Knit 'n'Stitchers were having their usual meeting and Georgia had this amazing shawl that she was making from oddments & she claimed the pattern was simple. And it is!! i couldn't decide which colour to use, we have a glorious selection of 100% Alpaca wool at the Crafty Alley Shop so in the end i chose 5 colours to make it striped!

Now, anyone who knows me, and remembers the brown waistcoat (STILL on the needles since November!) will not believe me when i say... (i'm putting it in writing so i can't wriggle out of it!) I have a night away on the 22nd of this month and would like to wear it then.

I can actually hear Cathy laughing from here........!

Here are a couple of piccys, its about 30" across the top at the moment, so there is alot of work to be done, i think the stripes make it easier to knit because i'm not getting bored of one colour.

I sat out in the garden in the sun today, click, click, clicking away, maybe thats why i'm knitting - if i were paper crafting there would be too much 'stuff' to take outside!