Sunday, January 31, 2010


There has been a slight change to the February swap. Kendalle, who is Soooo talented at this has joined a swap for teenagers. I hope you have a good time with that Kendalle.
So, that means that poor Suzie is stuck with me.....! x

February Swap Buddies!!

Exciting news girlies..... the Scrapzville swap is now intercontinental!!
Kristin who is in New York asked if she could join in, so welcome to Kristin and also to Donna who is in the UK.
Because its easier to keep straight pairs and since we have an odd number this month I didn't put my name in the hat. So here are the swaps!
Dee - Cathy
Robyn - Alyson
Kendalle - Suzie
Clare - Gemma
Louise R.- Donna
Anne - Kristin
I will send out the email details of your partner to all of you, and the theme for February is...
Include a line from a song with the word "Love" in it. Simple!
Even if i'm not swapping this month i will be busy, Louise over at Zettibetti is starting a tag swap, so i've signed up for that.If your month isn;t busy enough already you should check it out!
Have fun! xx

Swap candy

Hi, here is the video for the swapcandy ... Thankyou all for playing along in January! xx

Friday, January 29, 2010

Too Cute to Miss!

Check out Louise is giving away really cute blogcandy!xx

January Mini for Dee...

Are you all finished??

Hi, we have 3 days left of January so i hope you have all got your mini albums in the post! I've sent mine but its not there yet....
I'm going to put the swap candy together this evening and put up a piccy, and it will be posted to one of you lovely ladies on Monday 1st February.
Ok, have to get ready for work now, lots to do today, and tomorrow is the Crafty Alley Craft Club which is always fun, but tomorrow is going to be better!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art Homework...

Here is my almost finished homework for the multi media course i'm doing.
I love the course,and i love this little doll. Her name is Polly and with the help of her pet spider Mrs Adams she serves tea and cake in the Cobweb Tea Shop.....
I know, my head is a weird and wonderful place to live! I'll put up a halfway done piccy of the next project. xx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

Well actually its not! i got up to go to the mountains this morning but it was really cold, and i have this strange hand thing which means i just can't cope with the cold! So i went running instead.
Then i decided that the larder cupboard was looking a bit neglected so i cleaned it out,( there was some very dodgy things in there!) and then did loads of laudry, i have a cake in the oven and now i'm sitting down to put the finishing touches to Dee's mini book............. Impressed? i'm totally amazed!!!
Anyway, i will have Dees mini in the post tomorrow and not a moment too soon - what happened to January?? its flown by.
Don't forget there will be a draw for the swap candy on the 31st.
I'm going to assume that everyone who was in the swap this month is in again, so let me know if you want to opt out (if you do hopefully it'll be temporary and then you'll be back!)and anyone new can just leave a comment here.
I hope to finish my Petit Doll today, if i do i'll post the piccys, so much for a Lazy Sunday!! xxx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dees' Mini album.

Its Here!

Hi everyone, yesterday i got my January swap mini from Dee - its gorgeous!
I'll make a video of it and post it later, its full of fairies and its in really pretty colours.
So thankyou Dee - i love it!
I've been doing my homework for the art course.... its a messy business! they are folk art dolls, which means they don't have to look real, i'll put up a piccy of one - but its not finished, so don't laugh!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow day!

How are you all doing in the snow?
A great chance to do nothing but craft.... or so i thought, but apparently housework and cooking still need to be done. But i think i'll keep that to a minimum!
I'm nearly finished a mini for the Trade Wind Scrappers over at the Scrapbeach - its going to Chelle B who is in Australia ( and not having a snowday!) I used Que Sera Sera paper so its really bright, I'll post the video later.
Then i have a mini for the Scrapzville swap to do, lots of ideas but nothing decided yet, and i have almost finished knitting a cardigan....... lets hope it keeps snowing so i can finish it all!
Stay warm xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Swapping!

Hi everyone, we have a small change to the swap, Gemma is joining us (welcome Gemma!) so, we have a three way swap. Robyn and Suzie have kindly agreed to find room for one more, so Robyn will send to Suzie, Suzie to Gemma, and Gemma to Robyn.
Everyone else is the same as the January list.
Hope your new year is starting well, i personally am not loving this weather ... too cold!!
But i'm off for a week in the sun next month, so i'm sure i'll survive ( i know, lucky me!)
Ok, coffee is calling,
F xx

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hi Ladies, welcome to the 1st swap of the year.
For those of you who were in last month there are still a few days to get your mini in the post, I got mine from Louise R. yesterday - its FAB! i'll make a video later , one of the tags is an After Eight Mint!! how cool is that?!
Ok, down to the serious bit(?!) the rules are the same, a minimum of 31/2"x31/2" and a maximum of 6x6". There should be at least 6 pages, if you want to do more thats great and you should email your partner to get to know their favourite colours etc.
Did i forget anything? oh yes, the theme... since its the new year and we're all full of good intentions i thought we should include a way of listing goals or hopes and dreams, or resolutions. I'll leave it up to you how you do it! and your partner must receive the album by January 31st.

Here are the swap buddies;
Cathy - Alyson
Robyn - Suzie
Anne - Clare
Felicia - Dee
Louise R. - Kendall

Oooh, i forgot to tell you about the Swap Candy.... on the last day of the month i will put all of your names into a hat (mixing bowl) and get a very special guest (whoever happens to be around!) to pull out a name and that person will receive a bunch of goodies!
Have fun, and enjoy your day x x x x