Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art exhibition

So, last night was the opening.... and I have to say a HUGE thank you to Deborah O'Keefe who runs the gallery, she puts in so much work to keep it going so that people like me can feel like they are getting somewhere with their art dreams.
There was a great turn out, lovely music and lots of new people to meet.

Here are my family, including my Dad who was sporting his new baldy look (thats chemo for you!) I didn't think he would be able to come but here he is with my Mum, Tim, Ebony, Zac and Molly. He is a great artist and was inspired by the show to take out his paints again..... it just proves that ART HEALS!!!!!

This is Tim contemplating if we will ever find one piece of art that we both like!

The exhibition runs for a month, so if you're anywhere near Killarney you could stop in for a look......

We hardly ever go out, but after this we went to a 30th birthday for one of my work collegues, so the great night continued untill the wee small hours and now I am officially wrecked!!

Hope you had a good weekend,

F xxx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Etsy pop-up shop!

Last Sunday I went to Limerick to see the Etsy Ireland Pop-up shop. It had been opened for Saturday and Sunday and Ruth
had sent an email to the Etsy Irealand team asking them to send their work to her and she would display it........... can you imagine how much work that was?? she is like Superwoman!!

So, off I went on Sunday with some prints and magnets to display, while I was waiting for it to open I met Rebecca who makes fab cards- this is her adding her artistic touch to the outside of the shop!

Now, as the sign says its "open this weekend only" but - great news! the owner of the bar (Bourkes Bar in Catherine street) where the shop has "popped up" has very kindly extended it to a month!!!! that means that every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next month people will be able to buy a huge variety of handmade items.

You all know how much I love polka dots - especially white spots on red background...... look how Ruth decorated the space!!!

So, with any hope there will be sales and everyone will be happy, and shops like this might pop up more often!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rainy sunday afternoons....

This weekend has been wet and windy.. perfect for getting jobs done around the house. First thing on Saturday was to put down a new floor in Zacs room -

with Tobys help of course!

and then we put all his furniture back and he has been watching dvd's in there since! the walls are a blue/grey colour that doesnt' show up well in these pictures.

Today I was left at home for the whole afternoon by myself. I took out my sewing machine to make a bag but it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped (that might be because I decided not to use the pattern.....) so I made a cushion instead.

Printable canvas is great! I'll have to search for a bag pattern, I think i'd like a "Polly Bag" for the summer!

Hope you weren't blown away this weekend,

love F x

Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

We have been crazily busy in our house recently - here is a bit of whats going on......
Today we are booking Mollys' ticket to Nairobi, she is going to do a month of volunteer work in a school and orphanage in Kenya. It is a huge adventure for her, she doesn't know anyone else going and has never been far away from home before........ I am both scared and excited for her, I really hope she enjoys it and learns from the experience.
She will be 17 on 19th July and flies out on the 24th, so now a long series of vaccinations and visas and travel arrangements must start.
I think she should start her own blog to keep everyone at home up to date!

Tim and I have been away in Galway this weekend climbing. sixteen brave souls set out to climb 7 of the "Twelve Bens" the weather was gorgeous, we had great fun, we covered 13km & 1535 metres of climbing on Saturday and then found a little pub in Cliffden to enjoy a well earned drink!
On Sunday we pulled on the harnesses and ropes and climbed Carrot Ridge - that was an experience...... I would have taken photos but I was busy holding onto the rock face!!

The Back Lane Gallery exhibition is having its opening night on May 21st ( just in case anyone wants to come along.....!) and here is the second Polly. There is some beautiful work there, lots of local artists, so it'll be a great event.

What else? well, the Easter holidays are officially over tomorrow ( today is the May bank holiday) and everyone is back to school and work. At the minute everyone is a bit glum about it, but tomorrow it'll be good to be back into a routine.
Thats all for now I think, hope you all had a good weekend,

Love, Felicia xxxx