Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Sign Ups...

Its that time again, rather then gather all the names every month I just put everyones name in untill they opt out.
So, assuming everyone is happy to continue (Robyn has other commitments for March) i'll put up the swap names and the challenge on Monday 1st March.
We can welcome Tara, another UK girlie this month, I hope you'll enjoy it Tara!
So, leave me a comment if you're new and would like to join, and we'll be ready to start our new challenge on Monday.
Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TWS swap for February.

We're Back....

Well, where would you like me to start???

We had a great time, we walked miles and took in some beautiful new lines for the shop. We did serious shopping with the book company , i want one of every book thats coming in! Do you know how long it takes to choose ribbons???you think you know what you want and then there are literally thousands to choose from.

None of you care about that do you? you all want to know who we met!


we met Tim (we're on first name terms now!) he was really nice did a great demo and makes everything look so easy. He had done 3 huge shows this month and is on QVC today (i think) so he is basically sick of talking to people but was still really nice. He asked us to go for dinner with him but we didn't want to look like groupies! (the truth is that someone who was having dinner with him asked us to come along, there was a party of 30, so 2 more wouldn't have mattered!)

BUT ...... we met Claudine Hellmuth, I LOVE HER! she was soooo nice and made and signed samples for us, she is just a tiny thing, she might have fitted into a suitcase if we'd have tried to kidnap her! Her paints are really vibrant colours and the mediums have loads of uses.

So that was it, the deliveries will arrive by mid March so check out to see whats new.

I'll put up pictures, but my hair looks weird ( not that you'll be looking at me of course!)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

You never know....

Cathy and I are off to Birmingham this morning for a serious business trip......
We will have to meet with our existing suppliers, and find new ones, and possibly meet with designers such as Dawn Bibby and Tim Holtz (yes, the man himself!)
What a terribly hard job i have!
Can;t wait to see all the new demos and products - will let you know what we find!
P.s. one week left for swapping your albums.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Was it only a week???

Hi, i'm back, had a great time and no i didn't get a tan - that would take alot longer then a week!
I went back to work today and had the loveliest suprise this afternoon.... I opened a delivery to find the cutest papers i've ever seen!
Actually, thats not true because its alot more then papers, the embellishments are so so fab that i have to have them all!!!! If you want to take a peek before i buy the lot (ah, the perks of the job!) then check out and look at "Homespun Chic" by Melody Ross.
What else????
I have finished my tags for Louise's swap ( and when i find my camera will post a piccy. I've almost finished Kristens album for the TWS swap and have just started Suzies album for our swap.
Suzie, if you're reading this i'm only a bit late starting it because i keep changing my mind about the papers!
I will try and get some of my Suzi Blu art done, i'm WAY behind...
Thats all todays news,
take care x x x x x

Monday, February 15, 2010

Can't wait!

Its Monday, i´m in Lanzarote, and i'm going home today!!
It doesn´t matter how much i enjoy my holidays, the day i´m going home nothing will do only to be there!!
The weather hasn´t been great for the last two days but before that we had gorgeous blue skies and HEAT.... they tell me its really cold again at home. We have climbed some amazing volcanos (fell on the first one, so i´ve had horrible cuts and grazes on my legs, very glam!!) drank one too many cocktails (that was definately the low point, i have no tolerence for alcohol, like two is one too many!) and had a really lovely time.
If any of you are ever here you have to see the caves, they are so pretty. There is an underground arena for concerts, the acoustics are apparently perfect there and because its on the way into a volcano its really warm.
Ok, i´m running out of time, tomorrow i will return all the emails and comments that i owe.
Byee!! xxxxxx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ho Hum....

Girlies, i'm off on my hols for a week tomorrow and not taking a laptop so the blog will be quiet till Tuesday week.
I am officially the least organised person ever! i've spent the last hour looking for the flight details, which i found in a crumpled mess at the bottom of my handbag. At least this means we can go! in my suitcase i have..... a sketchbook , my pencils and a camera. I'm not a really a big fashion fan, but even i think clothing of some sort would be an advantage!
Its 24 degrees there, its so long since we had warm weather that i can;'t even remember what i used to wear.
Ok, i really have to pack something.
Hope you are all well, and i'll post photos when i get back
Muchos hugs xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Homework!

Here is the almost complete Bride and Groom piccy. I think i like this course!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Candy Alert!

Cathy at the Crafty Alley is giving away Tim Holtz goodies!! check out and follow the link to the blog.