Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday morning projects.

I had painted a kite flying in the sky, its acrylics on canvas board..... I liked the blues of the sky, but the whole thing looked a bit "clean" for my liking.
So, out came the structure gel, a stencil, more paint (no paintbrushes) and my new favourite thing Faber-Castell Artist Pitt Pens!
We have had these in the house for ages but since I don't colour stamps it was mainly for Zac to use. Then I discovered that even though they are permanent they can be smudged if you put them onto a non-porous surface (like acrylic paint!) now, this may not be news to you, but its made my wet and miserable Saturday much more fun!!!

Bye!!! xxx

Friday, August 16, 2013

This is a long time coming.....

Right, I've just about had it with this blog stuff........ not blogging as such (I love that) but Blogger - I really don't want to move to Wordpress (because I don't know how to drive it and it always looks "formal") but its driving me nuts!!!!

Ok, that rant over.... my apologise for not posting sooner..... "technical issues" can be blamed.

Now, we have been enjoying the summer holidays around here, everything is so much more relaxed and it really has flown by this year. Zac didn't have any major exams this year which meant he got out of school at the end of May (yes, he has THREE months off school!) but he starts back next Monday into his final year of Secondary school.

We got a new furbaby this week, an unbelieveably cute Yorkshire terrier / Bichon cross!

She is actually tiny, even though she looks quite big in this photo. She is 10 weeks old, weighs about 2 lbs and her name is Boo. So with Toby, Sam (who stays every other weekend) its a bit mad!

Also this week I was delighted to be featured on "Tell All Tuesday" (my links aren't working i'm afraid) Jenni over at does weekly interviews with different people, sh ealso does really cool art journal tutorials - go and visit her, she is lovely!

If any of you have any suggestions of how to fix this blogger problem ( I can't read anyone elses blog, can't put in links, can't leave comments) please let me know! I started a whole new blog as an experiment but its doing the same thing so it sounds like a problem with my account.....

Right, i'm going to push the Publish button now and we'll see if this works....
Have a great weekend,
Felicia x