Saturday, April 28, 2012

A lovely surprise!

Last Thursday Molly had an interview for a college in Cork. So, off we went, we walked from the centre of town out to the college where she met some friends who are already students there. This meant that I had two hours to kill in Cork city..... oh, how awful!

If you don't know Cork then let me tell you, it is small -ish, it has the feel of a town rather than a city, people are friendly, its easy to drive around and it has a Waterstones (thats a book shop) lots of coffee shops and not one but two craft supply shops!!!

Last time I stayed there I found a coffee shop called "Cork Coffee Roasters" its at the other end of town from where i'm usually mooching around and so on Thursday I was wondering if I had time left to go there since I still had one more craft shop to visit.

I decided probably not, so I went to the craft shop,( its called "Vibes & Scribes" ) opened the door and found myself in a bookshop........ when the assisstant saw the confused look on my face he simply guided me to the door, pointed me towards the river and said "See that red brick building over the bridge, its all gone over there" (obviously I wasn't the first crafter to look crushed and confused at the lack of delicious supplies!)

With great relief that it hadn't all vanished into thin air I almost ran over the bridge, and then to my delight, guess what I saw????????

they had moved next door to the coffee shop!!! oh the absolute joy of it!!!!!

its small, warm, smells delicous, has cute staff (!) the nicest coffee i've ever tasted and I just LOVE it!

                                                      It has funky wallpaper on the ceiling..

shelves full of "stuff" and an old coffee roaster that takes up most of the place.

As you can imagine, I will now be taking a direct route from the carpark to here. I'm sure I can find many reasons to drive for an hour and fifteen minutes just to visit my two favourite shops!

Oh, and when I met up with Molly again she had been offered a place there and then at the interview!

Thats all I know, my brain has been caffiened out! xx

Monday, April 23, 2012

Swap partners!

First of all thank you to all those ladies who enquired about the swap - lots of you said that you would like to join but were too busy this month, no problem, join us whenever you can!

Now here are the pairs, I will email you all individually with your partners email details.


These ladies are spread all over the place from South Africa to Canada, Germany, USA, UK and of course Ireland.

I have made great friends with some of my swap partners over the years, I hope you all enjoy it!

Don't forget to send me a photo of your album, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
Felicia x

Monday, April 16, 2012

ITS BACK!!!!!!!!

So, today is the day that I can tell you that Crafting Ireland magazine and Scrapzville are teaming up to relaunch The Scrapzville Swap!!!!!!!

Can you tell i'm excited??

Would you like to swap a mini album with another crafter and receive one in return? yes? then read on!

All of the details are also listed in the magazine, hop over - Issue 9 is out today and indulge yourself in some seriously good tutorials, product reviews and inspiration.

Ok, what do I have to tell you? well, the rules are as follows:

The album should be no bigger than 6"x6"

It should have at least 6 pages including the front and back covers.

Please remember that your swap partner (probably) doesn't know you and the work you send will be their first impression of you - so make sure that you are proud of your work and would be happy to receive something similar.

Please do not sign up for this swap unless you can complete the swap, your partner may be overseas and you are responsible for postage fees.

You must have an email address to enter - this means you can contact your swap partner to discuss favourite colours etc.

Sometimes people send extra goodies with an album, this is a lovely gesture but NOT compulsory, therefore it is up to you. Please do not expect to receive extras!

The last and most important rule is.... Enjoy creating!!

To join the swap you will need to email your details to me at;

How to join in:

Issue 9 Swap Theme—Summer Colours

Sign up deadline—Sunday the 22nd April by 1pm GMT. You must have emailed Felicia your details by this date and time to be included in the swap.

Swap partners announced—Monday the 23rd April. You will be told who your swap partner is, and given their email address so that you can get in contact to exchange postal addresses, style preference, etc

Albums must be in the post by— Monday the 21st May (or sooner). Try to get the album posted as soon as you can so that your partner can hopefully receive it before the next swap is announced!

The swap is open to everyone, no matter where you live.

When you have finished your album consider taking a photo of it before posting it, and email this photo to me. We will then publish these photos along side the next swap announcement. We will publish them without names just in case your partner has not yet received your album—we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!!

We will set up an Inlinks on our blog where you can post up your album details once your partner had confirmed they have received it. This way we can all see the fantastic work being swapped!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post with any questions you might have, but if you are signing up please do it with the email address (i'd hate to miss someone out!)

There is a swap button on the right side of this blog - take it away, its there for you to use!
I look forward to seeing all you crafty goodness ladies,

Felicia xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've got news!

Yep, I've got news....... its exciting....... a collaberation of sorts....... and  its going to be fun!
But I can't tell you about it untill next Monday!!

If you like making stuff with paper and glue and prettiness then check back on Monday - oh, so excited!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cute, non?

I picked up these little bags about a year ago and have done nothing with them. But then I thought they will be the perfect size for notebooks and things on my stall so I prettied them up a bit.
But here is the thing......... If you were at a market stall and you saw these gift bags would you be willing to pay an extra €1 or maybe €1.50 to have your purchase nicely packaged or would you think it was an awful cheek???
Comments gladly welcomed on this subject!
p.s. purchases would normally wrapped in a plain paper bag with no handles.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Any day now...

Just before the fine weather arrived it was decided that my website needed a bit of tarting up....... so off I went and made a nice banner kind of a thing ( thats a technical term!) and it is this close (picture me holding my thumb and finger a fraction from each other...) from being ready to go!
But then the sun came out and it would be a shame to miss any of it. Last year, summer was a Wednesday (you think i'm joking don't you?!), so in our part of the world it is compulsory to go out and make the most of it in case we don't see it again for a year or so.
Anyhoo, there was rain today, proper rain which meant the plants didn't need watering, and so there may be hope that the website will get some attention and then you can see the whole thing - not just these little snippets!

Its cute, honest! you'll get to see it soon, unless the sun keeps shining and then you wont!
F xx