Monday, June 20, 2011


What has been going on over here?? ( Just so you know, it wasn't the ironing that did it, but I am about as stressed as this poor women!!...)

Well, things have just landed in a heap and i'm chasing my tail to find time for everything!


I feel my crafting mojo creeping back, there is definately some quilting planned (simple, very simple quilting!) there is another Polly dolly almost complete. There is that jumper that I started knitting not one, but two winters ago........! I need to take lots of photos and make an album for myself. My Etsy shop needs updating and the gallery on my website, I can't expect to sell pieces that folks can't see!

So, I will get to all of the above asap - and as soon as I do i'll have some piccys for you.

Thank you for still looking in, even though there has been nothing new to see.

F x x x

Sunday, June 5, 2011

while the cat is away......

While the cat is away.... the mouse will craft!!

Tim has gone on one of his mountaineering expeditions that do not resemble a holiday in any shape or form! He is on the Isle of Skye in Scotland sleeping out on mountains in a bivvy bag having carried every drop of food and water , ropes and climbing gear for miles and miles......

He and 7 of our friends think that is fun, what can I say??

Sooooo...... while he went off to do that, I got to go to the craft fair in town. It wasn;t overly busy but I knew alot of the other people and so we had a lovely day in the sunshine, listening to live music and visiting in each others stalls (which were actually wooden sheds and very cosy!)

The Polly cushions are growing in number, but other then that I didn't take any photos.... what was I thinking?!

This is my desk this morning, the weather looks a little dull, so i'm painting and drinking coffee in my p.j's and thinking I might get dressed soon and walk the dog. A perfect start to the day!!

A Polly in progress! I'm not sure what she will look like in the end.... but since tomorrow is a bank holiday I have lots of time to think about it.

What are you up to for the weekend?

F x.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whats new with you?

Well, this is new - kinda!
Tim found this in one of his many storage places, a never used telephone from some time last century.... I have no Idea when it was made but I LOVE IT!!!!!
He has always found my taste a little strange but now there is no doubting it, this ancient dial phone has replaced the hand held one in our bedroom. It takes forever to dial a number and if you make a mistake your doomed, when it rings it would wake the dead, but I love the roundiness of it and the sound of the dial.

Guess what else?? well, this morning I thought, "I didn't get a bill from Etsy at the end of May" and then I realised it was because I hadn't added anything for a whole month.... so i thought it obviously isn't for everyone and i'll just let it go. Then this evening I got home to find that I had made my first ever Etsy sale!!!!!!!!


A women in England (thank you Ruth!) found my shop amongst thousands of others and parted with her hard earned cash for some of my art....... I am pretty amazed and thrilled!

I know this blog has been neglected of late, life just gets like that doesn't it? I will try and find time to post more often, and maybe even post a craft project (!) Blogger seems to have stopped letting people comment, I dont' know why but just so you know, I check in every day and read all of your blog updates that appear on the dashboard.

So, thats it for today, there is a craft fair in Killarney this weekend, if you're around come and say hello!