Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Petit Polly!

Morning! if you are in Ireland then what a beautiful morning it is! I hope its sunny and spring like wherever you are.
So, this little Petit Polly (5"x7") was just finished last night. I love her, sometimes I make these Pollys and think, "she's cute" and sometimes I just LOVE them! anyway, heres the thing, it took me ages to learn how to shade a face with pencil...... (and there is ALOT more learning to do!) but I have been trying to paint faces instead and so far it has been a disaster!!!
I have ruined more little faces then I care to mention, so I'm back to pencil and finishing with wax. Tam over at Willowing has some lovely tutorials on this, but she makes it look easy!
I suppose i'll keep practising, any hints, tips, video links would be greatly appreciated, but maybe i'm just a pencil kind of a girl?!
Enjoy your day,
love ya! xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crafty Alley Sunday!

Yesterday was the Crafty Alley Shops 3rd birthday and Cathy had arranged a craft fair for the day. This is my little stall, there were loads of friends there that I hadn't seen for ages so it was really nice to catch up. the crafts were amazing and inspiring, I wish I had taken more photos! I'm seriously tempted to take up patchwork ( or is it quilting?) but I really dont' need another addiction!! ..... however, I did buy fabric while I was there.........
This is Christine and her daughter, we met online before this, so it was lovely to put a face to the emails! You can see Christines work on Etsy, at Killarneycardscrafts.

and the amazing Viv O'Shea, quilting queen and daffodil farmer!! in the time we were in the fair Viv had made almost all the strips she will need for her new "sew in a row" quilt. That is one of her other projects hanging behind her.
There were also ceramics and weaving and a candlemaker, in all a very enjoyable day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Crafty Alley show.

Hello, this Sunday the Crafty Alley are having a craft show to celebrate their 3rd birthday - I'm as disorganised as ever, but having booked my space will be there with piles of "stuff".
I'm really looking forward to meeting Christine who is in the Etsy Ireland Team with me (and many many others) and seeing her creations "in real life!"
So if you happen to be in Kerry on Sunday come and check it out, i'm sure I will end up buying a loads of things, that is always the way at craft fairs!
Enjoy the sunshine,
F x

Saturday, March 12, 2011

While I was away....

Did you notice I was missing? well i was! I was thrown down with a vicious dose of tonsillitus and sinusitus. For 9 days I was really sick, and today I'm not, so I'm having a little party here!!

There is always a silver lining though, this morning I got to read over a weeks worth of blog posts, which was lovely, loads of links to follow!

It is snowing...... it isn't sticking to the ground, but there is white stuff falling from the sky! last week it was positively warm. But this is good news, why? because there is a man in Donegal who predicts the weather and he said that in March we would have more snow and then a BRILLIANT SUMMER! everyone thought he was mad, but here is the snow in March, so I really hope he's right!!

I'm off to do a million things, even though I've been at home this week I haven't done one creative thing, so now I have lots to catch up on.

Have a lovely day, and if any of you are sick then get well soon! xxxxx

p.s. I apologise for my spelling of medical terms, spell check says they are wrong but doesn't offer an alternative.............