Friday, November 22, 2013


 Here are the Ladies in Caroline's beautiful home studio in Bunmahon - making Christmas boxes to their hearts content! Yet again everyone had exactly the same kits and everyone made something different. Thank you all for coming, I will be back on Saturday 11th January for the Organizer class.
 The next gathering is in Athlone on 1st December, there are all sorts of good classes going on, I really want to do Carolines soap box class. All the details can be found at Create with Kate. Midi and I are working on the decorations, there is a lot of glitter in my house at the moment, but I think its going to look beautiful!

 So, you know the way you make plans, you fill up your day with doing all these jobs? then this happens and everything changes..... No one was hurt (which is the most important thing) but I am car-less for a while.
And this is just to prove that he can fix anything.! that is my sewing machine, since the Knit n Stitch show i have been sewing like a mad thing, and then the machine gave up. However the Mighty Tim fixed it and now I am making bits and pieces for the one and only fair i'm doing this year. Its at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel on Thursday 5th December, its a fund raiser for Fossa school. As its the only one I have lots of bits and pieces ready, so come over if you can.
I also have a kids class at home next Saturday - 1-3pm there are 2 spaces left if you're small person would like to come (8- 11 year olds).
Now i'm going to make the most of this beautiful but freezing cold day before I get back to making stuff... its a hard life!!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Peeps..... I may actually be the worst blogger in the world. However, I do come back every now and then so here I am!

Just so you know, the weather here has been ridiculously wet, I am loosing the battle with drying laundry, but other than that things are good.

I was in the RDS in Dublin for three days last week helping Kate with the Create With Kate stand at the Knit n Stitch show - it was very busy, we knew loads of people who stopped by to say hello, I really enjoyed it! I drove home on Saturday night from Dublin to Killarney - about 100m from home I got a flat tyre, how lucky is that? I know it would be better not to have to buy a new tyre, but imagine if it had happened in the rain at night on the motorway!

This is my Christmas box project - it measures about 6x4x2" and has 6 pockets inside for your photos. I used KaiserCraft St. Nicholas, it has those lovely traditional colours.

 Zac and I have been enjoying the odd dry day with the dogs - the Autumn colours are so lovely.

And this year, for the first time ever, Tim and I made a Christmas cake.- yes, that is brandy in the bottle, apparently we needed it to preserve the cake. I would like it better without it I think! It is baked and wrapped up waiting to be covered in marzipan and icing.

Making Christmas cake put an idea into my head..... will I do a December daily this year? I have never made one before, but perhaps I will - I might use anything Christmasy though, like the cake picture even though it was taken in November. And if I do, what paper line will I use? 
Ok, I must go now, I am attending the Kerry Business Womens Network lunch today... and then its the dreaded Parent / Teacher meeting at Zac's school. Both of which mean I must get out of my pyjamas!