Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been thinking......

In our house it is "pre" exam season - they get to do mock exams for the end of year big ones. Zac is doing his Junior Cert, which is done in 3rd year but Molly who chose a round about route to education is looking at college courses for next September.
Anyhoo, this obviously means she will be moving out for a while, maybe to Bristol but maybe to Cork - either way its time for her to fly......

Being such a "Mum"  i'm half excited for her and half worried, which reminded me of the saying " Roots and Wings" - and so, this painting came about.......

If you can give them roots at home, to know where they are safe, and wings to fly off and find adventures, and if you can trust you've taught them enough then that is everything you could do for them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I love art because.........

I love art because.........
Its like a diary of daydreams
I love colour
It is an escape when its needed
Art heals!
I have made so many "arty" friends
It opens up a world of possibilities
Its beautiful to look at other peoples art
It was a surprise to me!
The world is prettier when you really see the colours
It has lead me on a different journey then I expected
I heART art <3!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So, whats new with you???

Even though the rest of Europe seems to be under snow, we are enjoying very Spring like weather here in Co. Kerry. Now, I do feel sorry for all those people freezing their toes off but we had two miserable cold Winters before this, so our dues are paid!
Mr. Toby and I have been out walking and enjoying the fine (cold but sunny) weather, this is O'Sullivans Cascade, its a beautiful place at any time but especially on quiet Tuesday mornings when no one else is around.

I haven't been crafting much, so i've nothing new to show you, I've been painting though and spending far to much time browsing blogs and then there is Pinterest.........!
But, I did come across the prettiest website ever! its the home of Temporary Measure run by Emma. The picture below is taken from her interview with Beth Nicholls on Do What you Love 
As it happens i'm going to the Lake District in May so this is definately on my list of places to visit!

Go on, have a look it is so cute!
F xx