Monday, November 21, 2011

I love these Meeces to pieces!!

I showed some little mice on my laptop keyboard on facebook yesterday - it was a lovely quiet Sunday afternoon and I had a notion to make something.... so out came the fabric scrap bag!

Many years ago, when I was about 10 (many, many years....!) I made a mouse pin cushion. It was made from a scrap of yellow Laura Ashley fabric, had pink ears and embroidered eyes, it also had a piece of elastic that made a wrist band. 

So, yesterday when I was making these little guys, I decided to add some covered elastic to form a band - you wear it on your wrist while you're sewing and your pins are always to hand!

My yellow mouse has disappeared (quite recently actually.... around the same time my eldest daughter left home......?) so I may have to keep one of these, the others  (ten so far) will be making an apperance at the Malton Craft fair this Sunday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This post was originally titled Monday - but the day past in a blur and it didn't get finished so i'm starting again!

I know I said I would post a video of the Crafting Ireland mini but I filmed my Halloween mini and then the battery died and the recharger isn't here ( and so on and so forth!) so that is my excuse for not having it up! I think I will fill it with photos first, it looks a but bare at the moment.

When we were at the Art Show in Dublin last Friday I was totally bamboozled by all the art. The styles were so different there was definately something for everyone, it was funny to listen to peoples comments and hear what they could see in things that there companions couldn't. I was drawn to many different styles but I couldn't resist this "Girls playing Chess" by Ludmila Korol. It is off to the framer tomorrow and then will hang on my wall ( i'm not sure where!) I love the detail in it.

Everyone has gone to school or work and its just Toby and I at home, its quiet other than the radio and I have tonnes of things to do. All of which make me a very happy bunny! I'm sure it wouldn't suit everyone and maybe i'll get bored eventually but at the moment I am loving being a stay at home mum/ domestic goddess/ artsy crafting nut!

Ok, the laundry is calling (yes I know, i'm weird, I like doing laundry...)

I hope you all have a lovely day! F x

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crafting Ireland issue 5!

Since the clocks went back on Saturday night it is now 4.30pm and dark outside. The fire is lit,(cosy, I love this time of year!) the kids are on mid-term break so there are no school runs, i'll make a cup of tea, click the link and read on!!

There are so many projects this month, lots of lovely Christmasy goodies, I especially love the cone christmas trees that Timi has made, these might just make an appearance on my Christmas dinner table!

My project this time is a "Twas the night before Christmas" mini album, I will make a little video of it and put it up tomorrow.

What else is new? well, this morning I got a chance to show case my Polly Dolly art at the Killarney Open Coffee meeting, its amazing that you can have blogs and facebook but sometimes the people in your own town don't know what you do, so thank you Maria Stack for the oppurtunity!

On Friday i'm going to Dublin to see the Art Show which is held at the RDS each year, it would be a dream to exhibit there but i'm really looking forward to seeing all the talent that is around. The lovely Amelie Gagne has taken a stand this year, she is a Canadian artist who lives here in Killarney so i'm going to be on "coffee delivering" duties, the best of luck to her, her work is amazing!

Thats all my news for today, the "Art & Wine" night is in 23 days....... i'm off to meet the framer again tomorrow, I remember last year thinking, i'd like to do that next year - I had a whole year to get organised and suddenly its around the corner!

Have a lovely evening,

F x