Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This post was originally titled Monday - but the day past in a blur and it didn't get finished so i'm starting again!

I know I said I would post a video of the Crafting Ireland mini but I filmed my Halloween mini and then the battery died and the recharger isn't here ( and so on and so forth!) so that is my excuse for not having it up! I think I will fill it with photos first, it looks a but bare at the moment.

When we were at the Art Show in Dublin last Friday I was totally bamboozled by all the art. The styles were so different there was definately something for everyone, it was funny to listen to peoples comments and hear what they could see in things that there companions couldn't. I was drawn to many different styles but I couldn't resist this "Girls playing Chess" by Ludmila Korol. It is off to the framer tomorrow and then will hang on my wall ( i'm not sure where!) I love the detail in it.

Everyone has gone to school or work and its just Toby and I at home, its quiet other than the radio and I have tonnes of things to do. All of which make me a very happy bunny! I'm sure it wouldn't suit everyone and maybe i'll get bored eventually but at the moment I am loving being a stay at home mum/ domestic goddess/ artsy crafting nut!

Ok, the laundry is calling (yes I know, i'm weird, I like doing laundry...)

I hope you all have a lovely day! F x

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  1. Hi Felicia, so sorry for my lack of recent comments, still having on/off problems with blogger :(

    Love the sound of your new mini albums, looking forward to seeing those.
    And the painting is just lovely, no wonder you bought it, it's beautiful.

    I am a domestic goddess at the moment too, but sadly don't share your love of laundry, it's like the never ending porridge pot! No matter how much you ever do, the basket never goes down, lol!

    So glad to hear life is good with you, you sound so happy, which is lovely :)

    I've been busy crafting away too, and so need to update my blog, but with all the blogger problems I had, felt like giving up, but hopefully sorted out now :)

    I've been working on a huge project at the moment, a mini (or rather not so mini) album with photos for my Dad's 70th (which was yesterday) and it wasn't finished in time :( oh well, it will be hopefully worth the wait, and an extended Birthday, lol!
    Will post on my blog as soon as it's finished.

    Suzie xxxx :)