Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Look it!!

I have eventually gotten around to listing the upcoming classes... 
They are over there, see? ------------------------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>
I might even remember to update the list occasionally! 
If you would like more details of any of these then send me an email, a text or call me or Facebook message me or leave a comment...... the list goes on! (all you need to know is in the "contact" section at www.scrapzville.com)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Round Up.

How was Christmas? Did you eat too much? drink too much? yep, me too!

But today i'm trying to make the most of the "Week in between", I was dragged kicking and screaming up the side of a mountain this morning and then made to run down. Now, this is good in one way, a head start on the "get fit" new years resolution.... but bad in another because I would love to spend a full day at home in my pj's, pottering about and it hasn't happened yet! 

Then I decided to open the lovely new paper collection I bought months ago, its Needle and Thread by kaisercraft (I love them more than Prima.... I know, what a thing to say!!) and alter my new diary for 2014. This  years one was Kaisercraft Magnolia Grove and it stood up really well to being used daily and being thrown in my bag, I think the secret is to not add any dimensional embellishments to the front no matter how tempting it is!

Here it is looking all new and lovely!

This photo was taken on Christmas day, all of us, my Mum and the dogs (Boo is in Molly's arms but hiding behind me.) Toby is wearing a paper hat from dinner!
 And this one was taken on St. Stephens day (or Boxing day) while I was out and about in the Hags Glen. Tim was busy climbing Carrontuohill for the 35th consecutive St. Stephens day, ( !!!!!) but I didn't much like the look of the sleety, snowy, cold, slippery mountain so I went for a lovely long, low level walk instead.
( I am officially a light weight!)
This  year has been eventful..... its had ups and downs as most years do, I have considerably fewer fingers then I started the year with..... but it has been pretty good, everyone is healthy and happy.
I have a huge list of goals and wishes for 2014, there will be a good bit of house renovation (I'm getting itchy feet about the hallway, Pinterest is a killer!) some kitchen cupboard reorganising and some vague idea about sorting paperwork properly (if I spent as much time doing it as reading blog posts about it I would be the Queen of organised!!)
There are the usual threats of learning to speak French, of drinking more water and keeping my car tidy. But I think I shall put "appreciating what I have " at the top of the list and that will be a good one to achieve.

Oh yes, my word of the year is.....ABUNDANCE!!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. xxxxx

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily.

Happy December!!!!!!

I am full of festive cheer - I hope it isn't one of those things that burns out too soon. I don't think it will though, one blast of "All I want for Christmas is You" and i'm bursting with Ho-Ho-Ho-ness! 

Remember I was thinking about doing a December Daily? well, looky here! 

 I was in Athlone for the Create with Kate Christmas party (sooo much fun by the way!) and I had all these different paper collections in my hand.... I couldn't decide which ones to use, traditional or fun? and then I saw this. Its by Bo Bunny (who else?) and it has lime green and red which is my favourite colour combo, its 8x8" and comes with all sorts of cute inserts and dividers and so on.
You should have heard the scorn that was poured on me!..... "you're going to BUY an album???" "You're not MAKING it???" (Yes Midi, that was you!!) so I procrastinated for a while and then thought, Yes, I am going to buy this ready made, just put it together kit because a. its pretty. b. I don't have time to make one. c. This way I might actually complete my first December Daily!
And so far its going well :)

In other news, last Thursday was my one and only craft fair for this year. I wasn't going to do any, but this was a fund raiser for a local school so I did. It was held in the Aghadoe Heights (which is a beautiful hotel, tres posh!) It turned out to be a great evening - there was a cookery demonstration and it was really well supported.

 Thats me (in case you didn't know!)
 Now, when you go to fairs your stall neighbours are very important - these two were the best!! That is Guy Hulbert from Tralee - he makes chutneys and the most delicious vegetarian pate I have ever had (in fairness its the first time i've ever tasted any, but oh my it was FAB!!)  I bought two from him, one was beetroot,cashew and ginger and the other was Harvest pate which has lentils,garlic, thyme,sage, basil..... lets just say, Nom, Nom, Nom!!!!!
 and this is Caroline O'Connor, also from Tralee. she makes Christmas puddings, prize winning puddings with brandy and whiskey. They are so beautifully wrapped that it would be a shame to open them! I'm not a huge pudding fan but when I came home and told Himself about them he was horrified I didn't get one, so I will be down to the food fair in the Outlet centre next Friday to make my purchase!!

Last night was a bit of a do for the Kerry Mountain Rescue Team. It was held in the Beaufort Bar and it was very well supported, (nice to see so many people that I haven't seen for ages) anyhoo, there was a raffle and to my surprise and delight I won first prize!!

This hamper is huge!!! so we shall have a very merry(!) Christmas now, call in for a drink, we have loads!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


 Here are the Ladies in Caroline's beautiful home studio in Bunmahon - making Christmas boxes to their hearts content! Yet again everyone had exactly the same kits and everyone made something different. Thank you all for coming, I will be back on Saturday 11th January for the Organizer class.
 The next gathering is in Athlone on 1st December, there are all sorts of good classes going on, I really want to do Carolines soap box class. All the details can be found at Create with Kate. Midi and I are working on the decorations, there is a lot of glitter in my house at the moment, but I think its going to look beautiful!

 So, you know the way you make plans, you fill up your day with doing all these jobs? then this happens and everything changes..... No one was hurt (which is the most important thing) but I am car-less for a while.
And this is just to prove that he can fix anything.! that is my sewing machine, since the Knit n Stitch show i have been sewing like a mad thing, and then the machine gave up. However the Mighty Tim fixed it and now I am making bits and pieces for the one and only fair i'm doing this year. Its at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel on Thursday 5th December, its a fund raiser for Fossa school. As its the only one I have lots of bits and pieces ready, so come over if you can.
I also have a kids class at home next Saturday - 1-3pm there are 2 spaces left if you're small person would like to come (8- 11 year olds).
Now i'm going to make the most of this beautiful but freezing cold day before I get back to making stuff... its a hard life!!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Peeps..... I may actually be the worst blogger in the world. However, I do come back every now and then so here I am!

Just so you know, the weather here has been ridiculously wet, I am loosing the battle with drying laundry, but other than that things are good.

I was in the RDS in Dublin for three days last week helping Kate with the Create With Kate stand at the Knit n Stitch show - it was very busy, we knew loads of people who stopped by to say hello, I really enjoyed it! I drove home on Saturday night from Dublin to Killarney - about 100m from home I got a flat tyre, how lucky is that? I know it would be better not to have to buy a new tyre, but imagine if it had happened in the rain at night on the motorway!

This is my Christmas box project - it measures about 6x4x2" and has 6 pockets inside for your photos. I used KaiserCraft St. Nicholas, it has those lovely traditional colours.

 Zac and I have been enjoying the odd dry day with the dogs - the Autumn colours are so lovely.

And this year, for the first time ever, Tim and I made a Christmas cake.- yes, that is brandy in the bottle, apparently we needed it to preserve the cake. I would like it better without it I think! It is baked and wrapped up waiting to be covered in marzipan and icing.

Making Christmas cake put an idea into my head..... will I do a December daily this year? I have never made one before, but perhaps I will - I might use anything Christmasy though, like the cake picture even though it was taken in November. And if I do, what paper line will I use? 
Ok, I must go now, I am attending the Kerry Business Womens Network lunch today... and then its the dreaded Parent / Teacher meeting at Zac's school. Both of which mean I must get out of my pyjamas!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to basics....

Hello, well, after my last post that made little sense, things got super busy and now they have righted themselves and I am back to normal (as if I was ever such a thing!!!)

This Sunday I will be travelling over to Ballinameela National school at the very luxurious time of 8.30am (its usually about 7, but since its Sunday we are taking it nice and easy) and there we will be doing a class called "Back to Basics".

You see, next month we are starting an amazing project that will take two classes to finish, uses a full 12x12 paper pack and a whole roll of tape.... and i'm not going to show you what it is yet!! well its an organiser/ journal kind of a thing that has a choice of beautiful papers ( i will show you piccys of those later)

So, in order to do that we need to be clear on the basics and since we have people of all different crafting levels (some brand new and some regular fabby dab ones -the new ones are fabby dab too by the way!)
we are going to make this......

Its a gatefold album with a different binding on each side. All the pages are different so there is a lot to practise, its in gorgeous BoBunny Alora paper which I love because its so bright and happy!

Ok....... i'll show you a little snippet of the next album....... 
yeah, I know, its tiny but the real thing will be at the class on Sunday if you want a really good look!

Right then, its next Sunday 27th October 11-5pm (told you it was a laid back start) Ballinameela National School, which is near Dungarvan, €30 for the day, bring lunch but tea, coffee and cake (Midi makes the best cake!) are supplied for the teabreaks.
You will need to bring scissors, cutting mat, knife, trimmer, score board, bone folder, pencil, ruler and wet glue. If you don't have any of those, don't worry, come anyway!
Midi will have her craft supply shop there so there will be retail therapy too.
Send me a message felicia(at)scrapzville(dot)com if you have any other questions or to book a place (3 left at the moment...)

Adios Folks! xxxxx

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today has been full of very tricky decisions........ with many different scenarios that all have different outcomes........but which one to choose? I am actually addled from thinking, I found this quote on Pinterest but it just addled me more since I love the life I have, but this new choice might be good too????
But aren't I lucky to have choices? Yes I am.

I know this makes no sense to anyone reading it.... sorry.

In fact, I think I shall follow the advice of this next Pin instead.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Being put on the spot......

Do you remember years ago comedians would start there shows with the line, "A funny thing happened on the way here tonight"?
Well, I have to tell you about yesterday and it has to start with " A funny thing happened on the way to yesterdays class"........
So, yesterday (Saturday) I was driving to my once a month visit to Ballinameela in Waterford to do a Haunted House class. I leave at 7am because its a 2 hour drive and on Saturday mornings the radio station has a DJ named Alison Curtis (Today FM in case you're interested!) she in Canadian and brightens an early morning start. Anyhoo, she has people text in to explain why they are up that early, its usually because they are up with the kids or training for some race or going to work. So, for some reason I decided to text in and say I was driving from Killarney to Dungarvan to a paper crafting class. (yes, I pulled over to do it!)

At 7.30 my phone rang and before I knew it I was live on air on a national radio station with Alison Curtis asking me to explain what a paper crafting class was...........

I have to tell you I was seriously put on the spot! how do you explain what we do to non crafters? In my panic I may have said "its cutting and sticking for grown ups"................ I did also briefly explain scrapbooking, and then I got into a tizz and couldn't tell you what else I said!!
Cutting and sticking for grown ups???? 
My saving grace was that she is a huge Halloween fan and asked me to send her something, so this is what she is getting!!

  The back needs some more work, but its nearly done.
 The day in Ballinameela was brilliant as usual, they really are such a mad nice bunch - everyone had a constructed house at the end but there was no sign of them going home when I had to leave...... there was serious Stickle adding going on!
Next month (October 26th) we will be doing a basic binding class because we are working up to a BIG project and we need to know the basics..... (it is going to be soooo cool!!)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!
F xx

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CHA Release Weekend.

I know, don't faint..... 2 posts in one day? I'm shocked myself!
Anyhoo, I am back to tell you about the amazing weekend that Kate has lined up for us in Athlone on 5&6th October.
In fact i'm not going to tell you, just show you this poster and give you a link to the class timetable.
If you have any questions about the weekend you can contact Kate at www.createwithkate.com

http://createwithkate.com/class-timetable.html  - click the link for the timetable and class details.

A Haunted village!

Hello, or should I say Bonjourno?!
I am back from Italy, it was unbelievably fabulous and I have tonnes of photos - but that is for another post.
So, last Sunday I set out in the wind and rain at 6.15am  (that sounds like a hardship but I was delighted to be going!) to Bunmahon in Co. Waterford. Caroline from Crafters Cove had invited me to her home studio for the day... oh my, what a studio!! she had arranged for 10 crafters to come to the class and for Bernie from BK designs to bring her shop along.
I have to say a huge thank you to Caroline, not only did she do all the organising she also had croissants warming in the oven for when we arrived!!!

 Here are the Ladies hard at work, there were times when it was silent because they were concentrating... I was beginning to get worried.
 But then they got chatty again, right about the time we declared a tea break!
 This is Pat hiding behind her house. We used Echo Park "Chillingsworth Manor" paper and the new Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells stamp set, which are gorgeous by the way.
 Now you can see the whole village of haunted houses, all different, some had purple windows, others green and one had turquoise!
 This is my house... i'm still adding bits to it.
 This was the kit for the day - I decided to put the house by itself and a smaller kit (just enough to decorate the house without making the back part) on Ebay, i've never sold anything that way before so it'll be interesting to see what happens! I'm doing it all again on the 28th in Ballinameela and then 10th October here at home for anyone in Kerry. But you could always put in a bid on Ebay if you want!
 I just wanted to show you this album . It was sent to me by Martina in the swap organised by Sandi and I just love it! It is so pretty, this photo doesn't show the colours well. We included tags with "things you didn't know about me" on and its a great way to get to know your swap partner.

She put in a Halloween page because she is a fan too - how fab is it?! Thank you again Martina!!
So, thats all my news - I will be back with a post about Kates CHA release weekend soon, i'm deciding what classes I want to take, spoilt for choice I am!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Its Haunted House time again!

I love September, when the weather starts to change, the kids go back to school (even though this is our last year for that..) and when I can start my using my Halloween paper stash!!

Last year I altered a house from Retro Cafe, which I loved. But it is fairly small and it cost a lot of money to import (that is mainly down to the postal service not Retro Cafe) and I really wanted to do this as a class this year....... so, I designed my own house and the lovely Carol from Crafty Cutting used her magic to make it.
In fact she made loads of them, so I can do Haunted House classes around the country for the whole spooky season!!!!!

So, this Sunday is the first over at Carolines studio in Bunmahon Waterford..... that class is fully booked but I also have the following classes coming up:

Ballinameela Waterford - Saturday 28th September 10-4pm
Athlone - Saturday or Sunday 5 & 6th October (click this link for more details)
Killarney - Thursday 10th October

The cost is €35,  all the times differ so send me an email or phone me or Facebook if you're interested in any of these classes.......

If you are coming along you will need to bring:

Craft knife & cutting mat
Paper trimmer
Wet glue
Paint brushes (one thin one wider)
Pencil & ruler
Black distress ink or a black marker
Distress tool
Plastic packaging -the bag that Prima flowers (or something similar) come in is perfect.
Alcohol ink in orange, green or purple.

I will have alcohol ink so don’t worry if you don’t have it.

Bye!! xx
Mwahahahah (spooky laugh!)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday morning projects.

I had painted a kite flying in the sky, its acrylics on canvas board..... I liked the blues of the sky, but the whole thing looked a bit "clean" for my liking.
So, out came the structure gel, a stencil, more paint (no paintbrushes) and my new favourite thing Faber-Castell Artist Pitt Pens!
We have had these in the house for ages but since I don't colour stamps it was mainly for Zac to use. Then I discovered that even though they are permanent they can be smudged if you put them onto a non-porous surface (like acrylic paint!) now, this may not be news to you, but its made my wet and miserable Saturday much more fun!!!

Bye!!! xxx

Friday, August 16, 2013

This is a long time coming.....

Right, I've just about had it with this blog stuff........ not blogging as such (I love that) but Blogger - I really don't want to move to Wordpress (because I don't know how to drive it and it always looks "formal") but its driving me nuts!!!!

Ok, that rant over.... my apologise for not posting sooner..... "technical issues" can be blamed.

Now, we have been enjoying the summer holidays around here, everything is so much more relaxed and it really has flown by this year. Zac didn't have any major exams this year which meant he got out of school at the end of May (yes, he has THREE months off school!) but he starts back next Monday into his final year of Secondary school.

We got a new furbaby this week, an unbelieveably cute Yorkshire terrier / Bichon cross!

She is actually tiny, even though she looks quite big in this photo. She is 10 weeks old, weighs about 2 lbs and her name is Boo. So with Toby, Sam (who stays every other weekend) its a bit mad!

Also this week I was delighted to be featured on "Tell All Tuesday" (my links aren't working i'm afraid) Jenni over at Jennibelliestudio.blogspot.com does weekly interviews with different people, sh ealso does really cool art journal tutorials - go and visit her, she is lovely!

If any of you have any suggestions of how to fix this blogger problem ( I can't read anyone elses blog, can't put in links, can't leave comments) please let me know! I started a whole new blog as an experiment but its doing the same thing so it sounds like a problem with my account.....

Right, i'm going to push the Publish button now and we'll see if this works....
Have a great weekend,
Felicia x

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tick Tock...

My art room needed a clock, I keep loosing track of time in there and since I don't wear a watch a clock was definately needed.
But it had to be a nice clock..... and I couldn't find one I liked but found this instead.
(thank you Tim Holtz!)
And here is what it looked like after some paint, paper, glue, wire, cogs and a mechanism....but it needed something else .....


                                                                        I love it!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catch up with Lots of photos!!

Hey there, how are you?
An amazing thing has happened here in county Kerry.... Summer!! this doesn't happen every year as you would expect, we have warm rain as opposed to bloody cold rain, but this year? oh my, we have SUNSHINE & HEAT!!!
because of this I have neglected my blog, housework, making dinner in favour of being out and makingt he most of the weather.

In an attempt to catch you up on things here are some photos, in no particular order......

First up, a snippet of next Wednesdays altered clock class -Grunge, Love it!!!

 I caught up with Kate yesterday in Athlone for Create with Kates, Christmas in July. We (Tim, myself and some other climbing friends ) were camping in Doolin Co. Clare so it was a bit of a drive ( in theory much closer than driving from Kerry, but it was like a roller coaster most of the way!) but very worth it! Caught up with lots of lovely crafters, ( Karen, Eve, Sandie, Helen, Caroline, Pat to name a few) met some new friends ( Martina!) I picked up everything we need for the Tim Holtz altered clock class...... all I can say is I loved making this!!

 This was the journal we made in Ballinameela two weeks ago. I got a hold of some genuine vintage music manuscripts, some of them are dated to 1904 - beautiful papers just asking to be made into something pretty!

The tuesday morning classes are fun, not huge but I love having the ladies over to play! Last week was so hot we couldn't go into the garden to work, in fact we could hardly do a thing (we are not used to the heat at all!) so we managed to make some altered pegs... believe me, it was an effort to do this much!
 Last weekend we went to Caherdaniel, West Kerry. This place is close to heaven! We camped, kayaked, walked a bit of the Kerry Way and felt like we were on holidays an hour from home.
 Look at the kayak park! just dump them here, take your paddle and remember which one is yours!
 Some Kerry humour........!
 Look at the colour of that water!!! blue, green, clear!
 What else?
We have been invited to two weddings in two weeks - but they are miles apart so I can wear the same dress! I spent ages looking for one, found this one and then Molly was going to Ladies Day at the races and had nothing to wear (Ha! she has loads of clothes, she meant she had nothing NEW to wear!) so she ended up wearing my dress.  She is much taller than me so it isn't this short, its just above my knee. |It was her19th birthday, isn't she fab? (I know i'm biased!)

And finally, I participated in a swap run by Kate - Karen was my partner and I had to make something that included the letter "M".
I altered a domino box and filled it with altered cloths pegs. It says, "Enjoy adventures, kisses, & Making Magic!" she got it when she came home from hospital after having her arm set in a cast - so I hope it cheered her up a bit. :)
Thats about it, i'm sure I have more news but you must be bored by now.
Another busy week coming up, but will try to post something soon.
By the way, my Mum sold her house and bought another much smaller, brand new, perfect for her one.
Now the great packing/moving must begin!!
Have a great week and send me and ole message or comment if you like!

p.s. is this a record for the amount of exclamation marks used in one post?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x