Sunday, September 29, 2013

Being put on the spot......

Do you remember years ago comedians would start there shows with the line, "A funny thing happened on the way here tonight"?
Well, I have to tell you about yesterday and it has to start with " A funny thing happened on the way to yesterdays class"........
So, yesterday (Saturday) I was driving to my once a month visit to Ballinameela in Waterford to do a Haunted House class. I leave at 7am because its a 2 hour drive and on Saturday mornings the radio station has a DJ named Alison Curtis (Today FM in case you're interested!) she in Canadian and brightens an early morning start. Anyhoo, she has people text in to explain why they are up that early, its usually because they are up with the kids or training for some race or going to work. So, for some reason I decided to text in and say I was driving from Killarney to Dungarvan to a paper crafting class. (yes, I pulled over to do it!)

At 7.30 my phone rang and before I knew it I was live on air on a national radio station with Alison Curtis asking me to explain what a paper crafting class was...........

I have to tell you I was seriously put on the spot! how do you explain what we do to non crafters? In my panic I may have said "its cutting and sticking for grown ups"................ I did also briefly explain scrapbooking, and then I got into a tizz and couldn't tell you what else I said!!
Cutting and sticking for grown ups???? 
My saving grace was that she is a huge Halloween fan and asked me to send her something, so this is what she is getting!!

  The back needs some more work, but its nearly done.
 The day in Ballinameela was brilliant as usual, they really are such a mad nice bunch - everyone had a constructed house at the end but there was no sign of them going home when I had to leave...... there was serious Stickle adding going on!
Next month (October 26th) we will be doing a basic binding class because we are working up to a BIG project and we need to know the basics..... (it is going to be soooo cool!!)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!
F xx


  1. Ha ha cutting and sticking for adults, that is the perfect explanation!

  2. Gorgeous house, love the flying witch :)