Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft fair report!

Today was great, we found Ballylongford easily and followed the trail of people laden down with boxes and baskets of goodies to the hall. We ( Tim came as my chief elf!) set up the stall and then followed our noses to the mince pie stall.... then the cake stall.... then the mulled wine stall.... you get the picture! Amongst the bits and pieces I had made were these altered note books, this one was the first to sell.

Spot the helper!

We met lots of lovely people, alot of whom will be at the Killarney Christmas fair next weekend, so I will have to visit and see if I missed anything today!

Hope you had a good weekend, is it really over all ready???
Felicia x

Saturday, November 20, 2010

leaving things till the last minute....

Hello, tomorrow I am off to Ballylongford for a Christmas fair. I was kindly invited by the lovely Josephine and Laura Denihan, so i'm packing up boxes of "stuff" ready to load the car and head to the wilds of north Kerry in the morning.
So far I have, fabric heart tree decorations, jewellery, scrapbooks and altered notebooks....... I really didn't leave it till the last minute this time, I actually did loads every weekend but there is still SOOOOOOO much to do!
Of course, I could be bringing it all home again, that means you all know what my christmas gifts are going to be!
No, I haven't been organised enough to take pictures yet, but tomorrow I will !

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday night (that means watching to X-Factor to just about everyone in Ireland!)
byeeeeee! xx

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday sunday!

Okeedokee, I'm up and crafting like a loon!
I have 6 names for the festive swap.. our theme is, ...... erm, lets see........
Twas the night before Christmas!
So, lets make something lovely, maximum of 6" by 6" and just for fun put an envelope in somewhere ( Yes, I am in a very random mood today!!!!)
Six pages including front and back covers. Please contact your partner and keep the communication open - and have your mini in the post by the last day of November.
Thanks for playing, and don't forget to put the badge on your blog!!

We are welcoming Ebony to the swap this month ( no, not that one, a new one!)

So, Timi is swapping with Nicole
Ann is swapping with Ebony Phoenix
and I am swapping with Ebony Ivory

Have fun!!!!! xxx

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mad Hatter!

This is the Mad Hatter with attitude- apparently its no longer cool to smile in photos!!
Still a good time was had by all!