Saturday, November 20, 2010

leaving things till the last minute....

Hello, tomorrow I am off to Ballylongford for a Christmas fair. I was kindly invited by the lovely Josephine and Laura Denihan, so i'm packing up boxes of "stuff" ready to load the car and head to the wilds of north Kerry in the morning.
So far I have, fabric heart tree decorations, jewellery, scrapbooks and altered notebooks....... I really didn't leave it till the last minute this time, I actually did loads every weekend but there is still SOOOOOOO much to do!
Of course, I could be bringing it all home again, that means you all know what my christmas gifts are going to be!
No, I haven't been organised enough to take pictures yet, but tomorrow I will !

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday night (that means watching to X-Factor to just about everyone in Ireland!)
byeeeeee! xx


  1. Have a blast and good luck selling all of your beautiful things! Can't wait to see photos!

  2. Hi Felicia! I bought a little scrap book from you today at the Ballylongford craft fair and I just wanted to let you know I love it and I know my mum will love it too - I got as a birthday present for her. I've been planning which pics to put in it since I got home!

    I was wondering if you have an online shop? I couldn't find any reference to one on this blog and would love to check out more of your scrapbooks.

    Thanks again,
    Cathryn x