Friday, April 26, 2013

Craftschool peeks!

Well, the May bank holiday weekend is sneeking up on us.... this time next week i'll be packing the car for a very early get away Saturday morning!
Here is a piccy of the album we'll be making - it uses lots of mixed media techniques, paper, texture, ink, melting stuff but in a mini album...... and not just any mini album, I had the die for these pages made especially for this class!!!!!

 So, if you want to come along let me know, there is also a mixed media canvas class but I don't have the photos of that up yet (that would just be spoiling you!! - joking!!!!)
Now I must leave my craft room and put on my "Mum" hat, cook dinner and take the boy to his tennis lesson. As its the first meeting of the year I suppose I should at least try to get the ink off my fingers?

Have a spiffy weekend!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scrap n Yap

Here is the photo from last Sundays Scrap n Yap in Cork. Some people took kits so this is your sketch to work towards......... or just do your own thing! it's not the greatest photo, I took it thinking I had loads of time to take a better one later and then dropped my bloody phone down the bloody loo!!!!!!!!!!


So, while that is laying in a bowl of rice in bits (oh please recover phone!!!!) I only have this photo to show you.
If you took a kit and have any questions please email me or phone me

I must say some sincere thank you's to people for Sunday:
To my daughter Molly who has no great love of crafting but now knows how to put kits together!
To Ann Healy for collecting me, driving there and back and the lovely chats all the way.
To Midi (who bends over backwards to make life easy for others) for organising it and all the ladies who came out to play!

I am a great one for leaving things to the last minute, but fortunately I had the most of the layout done before TFD (That Fateful Day!) so i'm glad that for once I was oprganised!