Monday, April 26, 2010

Its That Time Again!

Hi ladies, how are you all getting along with your April swaps?
For May, because some people are busy and some are back i'm going to ask you to leave me a comment here if you want to play this month.
So, you have untill 8pm on the 30th (thats Friday) to sign up and then i'll assign partners on the 1st May.
I'm dying to join in again, i haven't made anything at all this month, so hopefully someone will want to swap with me!!
So, take care and i hope to see your name here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing the Stripey Shawl!!

Well, Bantry was beautiful, we stayed in the Maritime Hotel and ate in O'Connors seafood restaurant - Wow, it was sooooo lovely, I was so full!!
Its really nice to go away, my parents came with us and the kids stayed at home to mind the dogs! thats the upside of Ebony having passed her driving test, she can do the school run - the down side is, Wheres my car?????????
Of course we were also accompanied by the stripey shawl, I actually finished it in time!!! I was so amazed, it started by casting on 5 stitches, and i cast off 403!! its really warm and I just love, love, love it!
So here are the piccys....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its Wednesday, i'm going away tomorrow, its still on the needles!! However, i have very little left to do so this evening i will become a casting off, stitching in ends, pressing, kind of lunatic who will hopefully be the proud (so proud!!) owner of a stripey shawl!
Byeee x

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing new...

Hi, i'm afraid i've nothing new to show for this week.... i've done nothing but knit in an attempt to prove i can finish something !
I'm away to the mountains today, but won't bore you with photos ( unless they are really good!) are you noticing a pattern here? the sun is shining, i'm out somewhere - if its raining i'm crafting!!
Enjoy your day,
F x

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who wants to play Hide- the-Book??!

Hello again, I recently heard from a friend of a game she had played years ago and it got me thinking....
When you have finished reading a book, you write your name, the date and the place you left it in the front. I suppose you could add your blog or email instead of your name.
Anyway you put it in a bag and leave it somewhere, anywhere, and the person who finds it reads it, signs it and leaves it somewhere... and so on it goes!
I think i will start one and just see where it goes- Do you think this is a good idea or am i just leaving my details to crazy people????!

More Mountains!

The sun is still shining and since i showed you the snowy mountains, i thought i'd show you Kerry in the sun! But, it was hazy, so still not the best shots. I'm trying to get you all curious enough to come up with me sometime!!

Hope you're all enjoying the fine weather,

F xx

Monday, April 12, 2010

Knitting Fever!

Hi, isn't knitting supposed to be a Winter hobby? you know, sitting by the fire knitting jumpers and being all cosy?

Well me being me, the hottest day of the year so far (not much competition !) a whole 19 degrees, i decide to knit something....

Well, actually last Friday i decided to knit a shawl, the Crafty Knit 'n'Stitchers were having their usual meeting and Georgia had this amazing shawl that she was making from oddments & she claimed the pattern was simple. And it is!! i couldn't decide which colour to use, we have a glorious selection of 100% Alpaca wool at the Crafty Alley Shop so in the end i chose 5 colours to make it striped!

Now, anyone who knows me, and remembers the brown waistcoat (STILL on the needles since November!) will not believe me when i say... (i'm putting it in writing so i can't wriggle out of it!) I have a night away on the 22nd of this month and would like to wear it then.

I can actually hear Cathy laughing from here........!

Here are a couple of piccys, its about 30" across the top at the moment, so there is alot of work to be done, i think the stripes make it easier to knit because i'm not getting bored of one colour.

I sat out in the garden in the sun today, click, click, clicking away, maybe thats why i'm knitting - if i were paper crafting there would be too much 'stuff' to take outside!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sundays Walk.

I was up in the mountains on Sunday, Lough Duff to be precise. It was lovely, snowy on top and cold but i was wearing just about everything i own at the same time it wasn't too bad!
I took a short video to show you what Co. Kerry looks like from the top, the sound is terrible though.
Hope you all had a nice Easter break,
F xx

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Swap Partners!

Ok Ladies, here is the list, I have put a link to all the names which is either to a blog or email.
If there are any problems then you can email me and I will sort it out!

Heidi - Louise R

Jenny - Katie

Louise K - Donna

Tara - Clare

Gemma - Ann-Marie

Robin - Kristen

Ebony - Christine

Ann - Tracey

If there is no link for your partner they can be found over at


Each mini must be a maximum of 6x6" and minimum of 31/4x31/4"
There should be at least 6 pages.
You can include the theme as much or as little as you like.
Please remember that your partner may not know you, and the work they receive will be their first impression of you - in other words, send work that you are proud of and would be happy to receive!
Keep communication open between you, email & get to know each other.
Please have your album in the post by April 30th.
And last but not least.....HAVE FUN!!
Thanks for playing along, I'm not in this month because there were an even number participating so i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Felicia xxx

April Fool!!!

Ha, you thought that the swap list would be up this morning didn't you????
Well it isn't actually an April Fool prank, its just that i didn't get to it last night!

I will have the list up this evening, Thankyou to all you new girlies, its great to see new names on the list, and an even bigger Thankyou to all those who have stuck with it!!

I know you have all guessed already, but the theme this month is "UP, UP AND AWAY!"
so, thats butterflies, rockets, planes, balloons, anything that goes up! (Ann, please don't go with your original idea!!!!)

Ok, i'll post the list tonight, enjoy your day!
F xx