Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing the Stripey Shawl!!

Well, Bantry was beautiful, we stayed in the Maritime Hotel and ate in O'Connors seafood restaurant - Wow, it was sooooo lovely, I was so full!!
Its really nice to go away, my parents came with us and the kids stayed at home to mind the dogs! thats the upside of Ebony having passed her driving test, she can do the school run - the down side is, Wheres my car?????????
Of course we were also accompanied by the stripey shawl, I actually finished it in time!!! I was so amazed, it started by casting on 5 stitches, and i cast off 403!! its really warm and I just love, love, love it!
So here are the piccys....


  1. it's beautiful (very clever hands and eyes you have!)
    the place is beautiful
    you are beautiful!!!

  2. Its beautiful! Wish I knew how to make that :-) Can`t do it, I think that even if I could I wont have the patience to do it :-) There are so manny talented people who need to know my Birthday date! LOL j/k
    Love the pics and I remmeber leaving my mum without her car as soon as I got my licence LOL
    Havent driven in ages, I have to take the test and the theory here again, I could only drive with my Israelie one for 6 months :-(
    Have a great weekend! X

  3. I love love love love love love love the shawl!!! It's so cosy looking! The pics of Bantry are fab, so stunning. Just saw your comments on my blog, didn't get that text from you at all doll but you are so welcome for the pastels!! I have to force myself to put my art journal down to get scrappy projects done. Soooooo addictive!!! Tfs xx

  4. How lovely, Felicia! Good for you for getting it done before you leave! Looks like you had a good time, the photos are gorgeous.
    About art journals, I am going to have a look at the book YOU suggested! lol
    I didn't want to chance having someone see my bad stuff either- which is why writing it all down then slapping a bunch of white gesso all over it was perfect! I got it off my chest but no one can read what is underneath.
    Journals are great, that is for sure, and yes, I think they are a very good tool for working things out. And who doesn't have stuff to work out???!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It turned out Fab! Well done...looking forward to meeting the shawl in person this week! Cathy x

  6. Wow!!! Felicia how clever are you!
    I adore it!!! Well done!!
    Suzie xxxx :)