Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who wants to play Hide- the-Book??!

Hello again, I recently heard from a friend of a game she had played years ago and it got me thinking....
When you have finished reading a book, you write your name, the date and the place you left it in the front. I suppose you could add your blog or email instead of your name.
Anyway you put it in a bag and leave it somewhere, anywhere, and the person who finds it reads it, signs it and leaves it somewhere... and so on it goes!
I think i will start one and just see where it goes- Do you think this is a good idea or am i just leaving my details to crazy people????!


  1. That is a brilliant idea!!! I love it!! I am planning to start leaving ATC's in random places but your book idea sounds way better than that!! I want to play hide the book!!!

  2. I think it`s a great Idea, but I also think you are leaving your details to carzy people! LOL Myabe we can pass it to fellow blogers? we do the swaps so we sort of know where it`s going and we keep the chain going? X