Sunday, August 21, 2011

So, this is what it looks like........

This is the wardrobe that we had made - because none of the furniture shops could deliver in less than six weeks, and its nicer! it was literally one centimetre narrower than the alcove it was to go into..... getting that up the stairs and in place was a challenge, the radiator had to come off the wall along with all the skirting, but now its in place, never again to move! (and yes, we're still talking!)

Not a great picture of the blind, but you get the idea, simple fold up blind - very easy to make and as there is no gathering uses very little material.

This is the blue chest that I HAD to have! thanks to the new motorway it is a three hour drive from here to Ikea, it was well worth it to bring this home. I am now an expert at assembling flat pack furniture!

The bedside tables are Ikea too (no point going all that way for just one thing!) the patchwork quilt was made a couple of months ago, its full of mistakes, but I love it!

So that is pretty much that! I know its kind of girly but I have a very patient partner so I'm making the most of it!!!!

You can never have too many cushions.......

F xx

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Great Transformation!!

Ok, so her room was always messy, but this what happened when we started to tear things out..... chaos!!
We have three bedrooms in our house and five people, while they were sharing the girls had the largest room, we had the middle room and Zac got the box room. Ebony moved out so I decided it was time to take back some extra space and move into the big room! (There is still room for her to stay over, you know, just in case!)

Zacs room got a makeover earlier in the year and when I asked if he wanted the middle room he declined, so it was eventually time to tackle The Great Transformation.....

Years ago we had built bunk beds (that were high enough to have desks underneath) on two of the walls, that meant the first day was spent deconstructing (is that a word?) those.

The Velux window had to be treated, which we did on a nice dry day.... only to have the heavens open and trying to put it back into place was fun I can tell you!

There are two windows in this room which make it really light, I chose Dulux Warm White for the walls and the new floor is a light maple, making the whole room light and airy.

Here is a sneak peak of the finished room - i'll add the rest of the photos in the next post.

While we were doing all that, Mollys room had to be finished since she is coming home on Monday (yeah!!! can you believe the time is up?) so we have been living in a DIY state of chaos for almost three weeks!

It is totally dreamy to wander into our new bedroom now - I keep opening the door to make sure it hasn't changed back to the way it was!

Anyway more piccys to come soon!

Thanks for looking in x x x x