Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Petit Polly!

Morning! if you are in Ireland then what a beautiful morning it is! I hope its sunny and spring like wherever you are.
So, this little Petit Polly (5"x7") was just finished last night. I love her, sometimes I make these Pollys and think, "she's cute" and sometimes I just LOVE them! anyway, heres the thing, it took me ages to learn how to shade a face with pencil...... (and there is ALOT more learning to do!) but I have been trying to paint faces instead and so far it has been a disaster!!!
I have ruined more little faces then I care to mention, so I'm back to pencil and finishing with wax. Tam over at Willowing has some lovely tutorials on this, but she makes it look easy!
I suppose i'll keep practising, any hints, tips, video links would be greatly appreciated, but maybe i'm just a pencil kind of a girl?!
Enjoy your day,
love ya! xx


  1. Well, what do I know.. I'm very new to all this paper-crafting and scrapbooking; but I LOVED scribbling and doodling when I was just a kid, still in school, and I think your work is BEAUTIFUL, and that little Petit Polly came out adorable! I'm going to have to check out the tutorials you speak of at Willowing... As for the weather in my neck of the woods, it's still very cold, and snowing... and snowing... and MORE snowing, it seems. We're ALL getting cabin fever around here, and CAN'T WAIT for Spring to come around! I'm starting to think the Easter Bunny is going to have to borrow Santa's sled! ~tina

  2. I SO understand your desire to learn how to do these girls with paint... lol
    But you do such a lovely job with the pencils and I am in love with Polly too!
    Well, you can always keep trying with the paints, knowing that you can pull off these wonderful results with pencils- it's really a win-win!
    This is a great piece!

  3. She is a real beauty Felicia! Good work on the shading. Art would be no fun if there wasn't constantly new things to discover, so have fun playing! And I agree, what a stunning morning! :D

  4. She's lovely! And as for painting on faces and messing up, well, you're practicing. Don't throw them away, paint over them again! I love the work you do and your pencil work is fabulous, my friend! Who says you have to put paint on faces? You can develop you very own style! Again, she is wonderful and your backgrounds and lettering and embellishments are great!!! xoxoxo