Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

Well actually its not! i got up to go to the mountains this morning but it was really cold, and i have this strange hand thing which means i just can't cope with the cold! So i went running instead.
Then i decided that the larder cupboard was looking a bit neglected so i cleaned it out,( there was some very dodgy things in there!) and then did loads of laudry, i have a cake in the oven and now i'm sitting down to put the finishing touches to Dee's mini book............. Impressed? i'm totally amazed!!!
Anyway, i will have Dees mini in the post tomorrow and not a moment too soon - what happened to January?? its flown by.
Don't forget there will be a draw for the swap candy on the 31st.
I'm going to assume that everyone who was in the swap this month is in again, so let me know if you want to opt out (if you do hopefully it'll be temporary and then you'll be back!)and anyone new can just leave a comment here.
I hope to finish my Petit Doll today, if i do i'll post the piccys, so much for a Lazy Sunday!! xxx

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  1. Hi Felicia

    Please could I join your fab group of ladies for the Feb Mini Album swap please - I have already messaged you about this on Youtube as well but I thought I'd also leave a comment on here too.

    I live in the UK in the county of Dorset and I've been cardmaking and scrapbooking for many years and I have been fortunate enough to demonstrate and teach both forms of papercrafts in the past and design for magazines and a craft shopping tv channel. Although I love scrapbooking I've only just started my first mini album this month and I love them already and would love to be a part of your fab group but I do of course understand if you dont want someone that is new to mini making and swapping.

    My email addy is (I might have used a different addy in my youtube message) and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully joining you and your fab ladies.

    Crafty hugs Donna xx