Friday, January 1, 2010


Hi Ladies, welcome to the 1st swap of the year.
For those of you who were in last month there are still a few days to get your mini in the post, I got mine from Louise R. yesterday - its FAB! i'll make a video later , one of the tags is an After Eight Mint!! how cool is that?!
Ok, down to the serious bit(?!) the rules are the same, a minimum of 31/2"x31/2" and a maximum of 6x6". There should be at least 6 pages, if you want to do more thats great and you should email your partner to get to know their favourite colours etc.
Did i forget anything? oh yes, the theme... since its the new year and we're all full of good intentions i thought we should include a way of listing goals or hopes and dreams, or resolutions. I'll leave it up to you how you do it! and your partner must receive the album by January 31st.

Here are the swap buddies;
Cathy - Alyson
Robyn - Suzie
Anne - Clare
Felicia - Dee
Louise R. - Kendall

Oooh, i forgot to tell you about the Swap Candy.... on the last day of the month i will put all of your names into a hat (mixing bowl) and get a very special guest (whoever happens to be around!) to pull out a name and that person will receive a bunch of goodies!
Have fun, and enjoy your day x x x x


  1. Fantastic - it will be so lovely to partner up with your for my first time Felicia - thank you. I'm off to try and find your preferences again. So many emails floating around in my inbox forgive me if I need to ask again. I will try and find your email containing them first though. Will be getting started as soon as I do.

  2. hi does any one know where i can get some paper bags suitable for mini albums i have no shops near me that sell them and am wanting to create quite a few minis

  3. They are pretty hard to come by unless you know someone in America who can post you lunch bags. They get 100 of them for about $2.00! you can get really nice ones in Michaels, but again they don't have a website, so you have to know someone.
    I will do my best to source them at the Crafty Alley Shop, and will let you know if i have any luck!

  4. How exciting Felicia! Looking forward to creating this one. Could you please e-mail me Suzie and Louise R's e-mail addies? Thanks a bunch. Hope you have a great week.

    Robyn xx
    injoy_stampin at me dot com