Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally finished!

About a year ago I started this project, and today I found it in the draw and decided to finish it.
Its made from two wooden heart cut outs that I painted with silver acrylic paint.

I printed a photo of my daughter onto pearlised tracing paper to give it a ghostly effect (it was an experiment and she hates the photo I used, but it would take another year for me to get around to doing another one!) I stuck it on with Mod Podge along with some corrugated card that I painted with silver dabber.

Then I added some lace, silk and paper flowers and some ephemera from the SteamPunk Debutante collection.

And finally, after a year of sitting in my "to Finish" draw, its done!
I heard someone describe it as "the scrapping graveyard" - What projects do you have lurking in yours???


  1. I LOVE this Felicia! It is hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking. What is pearlised tracing paper? I have never heard of it but love the effect- was the photo a black & white or is that the effect of the paper? Sorry to be such a pest with questions! lol p.s. your daughter is beautiful.

  2. The effect of the tracing paper with the photo printed on it is really super. I really love this project, im so glad you finished it and showed us! Oh and keeping with the recycling for the next swap is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Hello again, my friend!
    I will have to look into this paper- thanks so much for telling me about it!
    I'm sorry I am not quite finished your mini book yet- I was away all last week, but am going full speed ahead this week! I hope I can live up to your mad skills! I love your work!