Thursday, August 5, 2010

Itchy Fingers!!

Good morning everyone, how are you all?

I think its time to start gathering names for the September swap - I'm getting all fidgety and wanting to make stuff!
I;m not sure what the swap will be yet, but it'll be fun and there will be SWAPCANDY!!!
So, leave me a comment here and i'll gather up all the names at the end of the month.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Felicia x


  1. Hi Felicia, let me know what it will be, i won't have time to do a book but if its something smaller then count me in x

  2. Hey Felicia, as instructed I am here and signing up for the swap :D

  3. Nicole, that was quick!!!
    Welcome to Scrapzville! stay tuned for further details........ x

  4. Hi Felicia, count me in :D Can't wait to do another swap. Timixx

  5. Hi Felicia, I'm in too. Looking forward to it.
    Ann x

  6. How do your swaps work? They sound intriguing and I love what you have posted about them!

  7. Hi Felicia. Nicola here...I was in the shop today. (From Ennis where we have no craft shop!!)
    Here is my info for the swaps:

    My email address is and my youtube page is

    Thanks so much for letting me get involved. I am sooooo excited!!!!!


  8. i suppose i should start doing something as i've made nothing all summer- a bad blogger and creator! :(

  9. me too......sign me up please =)