Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap partners list!....

Hi Ladies, here is the list......
All of your partners are members of the crafty alley ning.com so you can contact each other through that. If you have any questions or problems dont' hesitate to email me and i'll do my best to help.
Because there is an odd number I will make two albums, that way everyone gets to play!

Ok, here we go.........

Felicia - Timi
Felicia - Christa
Nicole M - Ann Healy
Nicola - Ebony
Ayelet - Clare L
Michelle - Clare B
Sandie - Louise

So, get chatting and discuss colours, you have all seen the template and most importantly have fun making it!!!
Please have your album in the post by 29th September at the latest.

Thanks for playing,
Felicia xxx


  1. Poops I know Im late but If there is an odd number I will do it! No bother if not! C x

  2. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog- you always boost my confidence!

    I am excited that we are swap buddies! I just sent you an email...

    Enjoy your evening!