Sunday, October 31, 2010

who wants to play???

I'm here making a very tall mad hatters top hat for Zac..... Pictures to follow!
I should be finishing some reports for work, but its Halloween! (nuff said!)
anyhoo, I just thought I'd ask if anyone wants to play "swap the mini" this month?
I was thinking that December will just be sooooo busy for everyone, so why don't we swap something festive in November and then we can take December off?
Leave me a comment, I'll gather up the names on Sunday 7th and post the list then.
so, i'd better get back to this hat, apparently teaspoons need to be sewn to his jacket too- at very nearly 14 he can tackle that bit himself!
Actually he could probably make the hat too, but then what fun would that be for me??!


  1. Count me in Felicia, I would love to make something festive :D

  2. Hi Felicia- thanks for leaving the comment on my blog- I didn't get any of your emails, but you seem to have the right ones...
    I just received Ann's beautiful Halloween mini on Saturday, so now I have her address, and will get hers in the post first thing tomorrow.
    Would you please let her know about the mixup and apologize for me, and give her my email so I can tell her myself? I feel bad that her album is late, especially when I had it done and I feel bad for her having to wait so long!
    Thanks so much!
    Hope you had a good Halloween- can't wait to see photos. I posted a couple of photos of the pumpkins that my youngest carved for us, they were the talk of the neighborhood!

  3. This sounds like fun! What are the requirements for the mini swap? Is it open to overseas players? If so, I'd love to be in it!

  4. i will have to pass this mths one, i have so much to finish and do and not enough hours in the day to do it =( but back in jan............... oh and just thinking isnt the swap a year old this mth????????????

    happy birthday

  5. Me again- I forgot to say that I WON'T be able to participate in your November swap- I have a quilt that I MUST finish this month in order to get it sent off before December.

    Hope you get lots of swappers though and have a great time building up to the holidays! Can't wait to see pictures!

  6. Hi Felicia,
    Delighted to hear that Christa got my mini. I emailed her but she doesn't seem to have got it. Count me in for the next one. Can't wait to do something seasonal. Your xmas mini is gorgeous. Talk soon.