Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy International Scrapping Day!!

May 1st is celebrated for alot of reasons, but heres one that we can all join in with - International Scrapbooking day! I'm working on a few 'altered' projects, but I think that counts as scrapping...
The partners for the swap this month are as follows:

Clare - Robin
Cathy - Jenny
Ebony - Ann marie
Tracey - Christine
Ann - Felicia

The challenge is to use paint instead of paper on one page, and the theme is "How does your garden grow?"

I hope you all have a very happy May Day,
F xx


  1. Love the theme - can't wait! Happy may Day everyone x

  2. oooh missed out this month! great theme though guys, have fun xxx

  3. I've just discovered your blog, and very sad that I missed out on this swap - next time perhaps!

  4. do you have robin's email address

  5. Hey chicka! How are you!! Happy Int. Scrapping day! I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts as of late. LOVE the shawl.I don't knit... but I crochet like an insane woman. Can't get enough of those fab fibers ( I also have a spinning wheel... one of my creative journeys!) Your posts are making me crazy to come visit!!! I will someday. So tell hubby I want to go hiking also! Hehehehe........

    Anyways... just been so busy and was missing your cheerful posts so I had to stop by to say hi to my sweet friend. Take care dearest and have a terrific week.