Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday already!

Hi all, its Sunday already!! how did that happen?
I've done very little crafting............ boo.
I've climbed lots of mountains..... hoorah!
The bare minimum of housework has been done, so i suppose thats ok. It needs to rain so I can clean my house, if its sunny I can't stay indoors!
My brother is visiting from England so i've been out and about with him, its lovely to have him here - I haven't seen him for 3 years.
So those are all my excuses for not posting anything for ages!
I will post the pictures of Anns mini as soon as its finished, how are you all getting on with yours?
Ok, i'm off to eat lemon tart now,
have a good week! x


  1. Ah, Felicia, it's all good, blogs are SUPPOSED to come last... we live first, THEN write about it- lol
    Sounds like you and your brother are having a great time and that is a wonderful thing, so happy for you that you get to share this time. Adult siblings don't often get that luxury.
    Looking forward to reading when you have time to write!

  2. tut tut.. now i dont feel too bad for posting late blogs!! :) save me some tart please! xx

  3. Hope you had a nice time with your brother Felica, and climbing lots of mountains sounds fun!
    Suzie xxxxxx :)