Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashtons GGS swap


  1. Hi Felicia,

    This mini album is great! I don't have the courage to do videos yet, I hate the sound of my voice with it's big thick Cork accent LOL!!

    Looks like we won't be partners this time around. I just checked and I'm sending to Eve. This mini album is such a challenge, it's my first album for a swap like this. Nerve racking!!

    That is sooooo cool that you work in The Crafty Alley. It's like my dream job!! I'd love to open my own shop someday, who knows when though! If you want to email your address, I don't mind sending some paper bags your way? I got a bunch of them and some girls over at swap-bot send me some regularly too. It's no problem.

    Louise x

  2. P.S. Can I ask how you get to join GGS? I tried to email Marion but I didn't hear back. Maybe there is some other way of doing it?

  3. I wonder how many swaps you can be involved in before it all gets too much? This month is two which is fine. Actually its a really good way of finishing all those albums that got started and not finished, at least then some of the work is done!
    I read somewhere about a scrap graveyard.. thats where we send all our unfinished projects, the graveyard usually looks very like a bottom draw!