Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aghhhhh! i should have published these pictures in reverse! The first one is the back cover, the last is the front.... the black frame has only been stuck down at the bottom so a photo could be added. The only thing i added from my stash were the little gems, everything else came in the kit.

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  1. Hey!!! Sorry I haven't got to e-mail or post back quicker! I did get your post and left you a post on my blog! I am sorry that I haven't got your mini sent yet we had 2 close friends of our's passed away. But it will be on it's way soon. I did get your mini today!!! YEAH! I absouletly love it. Check out my blog to see what I wrote. I tried to make a vid but my silly camera didn't want to focus at the time! It came in pretty fast too! Well I just wanted to drop in and say hi. Thank you so much for the mini. I already got ideas of what to fill it up with!