Saturday, February 19, 2011


Who knew there was so much to Etsy? I was hoping that you put something up and somebody bought it......... not so!

There are thousands and thousands of shops, so you have to try and make yours more visible to attract visitors, who will hopefully become buyers. There is SO much to learn, today i'm going to add these little fridge magnets and maybe a couple of other things.

What else is new?

I'm not really loving " The Elegence of the Hedgehog" its good when I pick it up, but i'm not dying to pick it up ~ what suggestions do you have for me????
I think I will re read Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris, its years since I read it. When I like a book I always re read it, does anyone else do that?

Have a lovely weekend, I think i'll bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies...... yum!


  1. LOVE your fridge magnets, they are so sweet!

    And yes, I too, re-read books I love- over and over. A beloved book is a friend!

    Mmmmm, cookies! Maybe I will bake some too. AFTER I spend some time in my studio- I have been doing things for other people for a few weeks, now it's my turn...

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xo

  2. Your magnets are adorable!! And yes, etsy can be quite overwhelming. I find the more love I show it, the more love it brings.

    Books: Water For Elephants-OMG amazing book!!