Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anns journal.

The January Scrapzville challenge was to create a journal in which you could write about 5 achievements. Ann was my partner and today (yes February 23rd!) we are swapping....... so this is the cover, i've left alot of space inside for writing.
The paper is mostly ledger paper from the Slice stack with some colour thrown in for good measure.

Ann hasnt' seen this yet, but at the moment she is driving over here so it won't spoil the surprise! I hadn't done any paper crafting for a while, it was fun to get the Big Shot out again!

I think one of my challenges to put in my journal will be CLEAN MY DESK!! its no wonder I can't find anything, I actually made the back cover twice, the first one is missing- presumably hiding amongst this mess. I'm sure it'll turn up when I'm searching for something else............


  1. This is fab Felicia, I bet Ann will love it!!

  2. Indeed, I do! Its gorgeous, only problem is now to fill it. Thanks again Felicia, I love it.

  3. Your art desk and mine are kindreds during a creative frenzy!

  4. I love both albums that you and Ann made for each other- they are just gorgeous! It's always so fun to see how everyone interprets a theme.

    Thank you so much for checking in and for caring about me! I am doing alright. I didn't create much in the month or so after Heather's passing, but I am feeling more myself lately, and have gotten back into the studio. I will have to update my blog with what I have done...

    Has spring arrived for you yet? It seems to be coming here, though we almost always get a late winter storm or two, so that is still coming I am sure. Hope my little tulips can take it!

    Thank you again for being such a great friend- I am so lucky to have met you! xo

  5. Hi Felicia! Finally back in the world of blog land, and catching up with all my wonderful bloggers :)Your journals are wonderful!!!!! It's so great to be back!
    Suzie xxx :)