Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank you!!

I always knew I was blessed with good friends, but I'm amazed at how many of you have left messages of support.
Really, really thank you everyone, i'm surprising myself with what I can dowith my left hand, not that my family are letting me do much!
This is just a blip, i'll be back. I have always thought that things happen for a reason.......... I have no idea what the reason is, but its happened so lets get on with it!
Thank you again my friends,
F xx


  1. I love your upbeat and positive attitude, with this you can move mountains!
    Sending more healing sparkles your way and lots of hugs too!
    Suzie xxx

  2. Oh, Felicia, I had no idea you lost so much of your right hand! My heart is with you. If it is any consolation, I know someone who has always been right handed, and recently began drawing with her left--and does REALLY fine drawings! I cannot find her website right now, but will keep looking.

  3. Ah, here is the website. The artist is Nancy Angell, and she is a Farrier (horse shoer) by trade.

  4. Hello Felicia,

    Just checking in :) I am so proud to know you, I hope you know that. All of us always hope that we can make the best of adversity- and here you are, showing us how it's done.

    I too, believe things happen for a reason, and that helps me through a lot of things.

    I admire your moxy and your undaunted spirit! You are loved by many and I am so happy for the light you so obviously have within you.

    Sending you love and lots of healing wishes.

    Christa xoxo

  5. Felicia- you are amazing and inspiring in everyway. I have no doubt you'll far surpass any expectation that your have as you recover. Keep in mind that your vision and artistic ability are innate in your spirit and you will find a way to express it again. There is no doubt you will conquer this, like so many other challenges you have along the way. Prayers and love are sent your way Karen (your book swap partner from Michigan)