Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not such good news....

Well, if you are a facebook friend then you will probably know that in a moment of utter stupidity I managed to seriously injure myself last Saturday.....
The bad news is I am now missing two fingers on my right hand (yes, i'm right handed!) and I have badly broken the two that are left....... sorry, I hope I haven't made you feel queesy!

The good news is, I still have my index finger and thumb, so when its healed I can still hold things (like paint brushes!) and my lovely Fella was researching bionic prosthethic fingers before we even left the hospital!

So, the next 6 weeks will be spent in a cast, trying to learn to use my left hand more. Then we will see what happens. For someone who lives an arty life this isn't the best news, but Iam very calm and positive about it - so far anyway!

I will be at home, so pop by if you're local, or send an email if not....... I will be very glad of the company!
Felicia x


  1. oh no! don't panic becoming a lefty is not so hard [ yeah i'm a lefty] it's all about practice you'll be surprised how quickly you will pick it up! when i broke my left hand I had to become a righty LOL so I kind of know how it is. One thing i did do is get a wrist support for your left arm or it will begin to ache quite quickly, good luck with the bio search it's amazing what they can do nowadays, sending you lots of lefty huggs

  2. Oh my goodness Felicia! I am not even sure what to say... I'm so glad you are overall okay and so proud of you for taking this for what it is and being determined to move forward in the best way possible...

    I am so very, very sorry that this happened to you! I wish you the speediest and best recovery and wish I was close enough to visit and keep you company! I hope you have some good meds to keep the pain at bay.

    Sounds like you have wonderful family support and that's really important.

    I am positive that as you practice with your left hand while letting your right hand heal, you will learn things about yourself that you never thought possible.

    Your positive outlook will help you enormously in the whole healing process.

    Much love to you!!! xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness Felicia! That is aweful sending lots of healing vibes your way, wish I lived nearer as I would certainly pop by!
    Take care and update us how you are, when you can.
    Big gentle hugs
    Alyson x

  4. Oh, Felicia, I am so sorry!
    Sending you well wishes for a positive and successful recovery.

  5. Oh my! I'm so sorry! I pray you'll soon adapt and be creating all sorts of art again. Sending you a hug x

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you are healing well. Eithne

  7. Oh Felica, like others have said, I really don't know what to say, orther than I am so so sorry this has happened to you, how on earth did this happen??
    You are an amazingly talented person, and know you will overcome this, and continue to create the most beautiful things in your stunning new craft room.
    I still have the beautiful handbag mini album you made me, and it sits very proudly in my little crafty room :)
    Sending huge hugs and extra healing sparkles.
    Thinking of you!
    Suzie xxxx

  8. Ohh jesus you poor thing, wishing you a speedy recovery and the human body can do amazing things and learn to adapt it just might take some adjusting. That gorgeous new craft room needs someone to take it for a spin x