Friday, January 6, 2012

What do you think?

(This was the only birdie picture I could find!)
I'm thinking about joining the world of Tweets...... will I ever look at it? will I update it? will I waste too much time looking at it? or will I love it and become addicted to Twitter (and still waste too much time)? I don't know how it works, it cant' be that hard can it?

Ebony was tweeted by the editor of Elle magazine after she put up some comment - she just about combusted with excitment! that would be cool, not the editor of Elle, but someone that I admire alot, so maybe I will...... ( I don't not admire the editor, I just don't read it!)

I have come to the realisation that there are only a hand full of people reading this blog - and that is kind of nice, like a little gang of friends. It  also means that I can say exactly what I like because there are few people to upset (you know, if they took agin to my thoughts. )
So, to the few (wonderful) regular friends and readers, thank you for being here!!!!! and if you're new then say hello and you will be in the gang too!!!

These are my ramblings for today, I'm off to the Back Lane Art Gallery now to do my shift in the artists co-op, I love being there, its a very inspiring spot!

Have a great weekend! xxx


  1. It's great if you have an Android or iPhone (which I have)so you can update as you go! It gets addictive, PLUS I think it helps you get more followers / readers of your blog as you can connect your blog with Twitter and Facebook....its all very technical! Just embrace it! :)

  2. Happy New Year Felicia! I love your blog, and LOVE!!! that little birdie too! I don't really know how this twitter works at all, so really hope you will still carry on blogging from time to time, even if you do decide to tweet :)
    I would love more followers too, but not sure if I would like to mix it with my FB account, as Rebecca says, it's all very technical, eeek! and ofcourse we do need time away from these things from time to time, as we all have other things going on in our life, lol!

    Suzie xxxx :)

  3. Happy New Year to you. Its been a busy year for you already! Congrats to Ebony on her 21st glad all went well. Hope you have a great and productive year. Look forward to meeting for tea sometime soon.