Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy - Betsy!

Hello, exciting news!!!! ( well I think its exciting....)

I had some (lets be honest, it was only two, but still !) enquiries about the Polly paintings and so I've taken the plunge and had prints made and am listing them on Etsy!!
The address is

Only Polly Pilot is there at the moment but as soon as I get a chance all the other Pollys will be there too. They will soon be followed by Polly greetings cards - yes, its true, the Polly Dollies have taken over my world!!!

Felicia x


  1. Well done, I cant wait to see the Polly empire taking off!! :D

  2. Polly's adorable! Congratulations on expanding the Polly Empire :)

    Ciao Bella,