Saturday, January 1, 2011


Every year I resolve to do something positive, take on something new rather then give something up. last year I resolved to learn to draw and entered into the Sketchbook Project,
as you may or may not know, finishing things isn't my strong point, but this sketchbook had to be in Brooklyn New York by the 16th of January and I had it in the post on December 20th!!!!! (yeah for me!!)
Tens of thousands of people enter into this, all of the books get put into a mobile exhibition that goes around America. When people visit it they can pull out any book at random and look at it, which means that there is a tiny miniscule chance that anyone will ever see it - but someone might, and it might make them smile, and if not it will sit in the Brooklyn Art Library for ever more.

So that was last year, what about this one? every year I say I will learn to speak French - every year i've learnt maybe three new words! I will try and run more (more often, and for longer distances) and I will not take on more then I can do. I will keep the inside of my car clean.........

Thats not very exciting is it? Hmmm, I'll have a think and let you know if I come up with anything better!

In the meantime I wish you all that you wish for yourselves, I hope its a healthy, happy and prosperous year for everyone!

By the way, the photo of the tree is just because I like that tree!

Maybe I should resolve to use fewer exclamation marks...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was on your resolution list?

Love Felicia xxxxxx


  1. Happy New Year, hope its a good one.
    Congrats on getting your sketchbook finished and before the deadline at that.

  2. Happy New Year Felicia!

    I think your goals for the new year are great- attainable, reasonable, and ever on the path to doing things a little better, which is the whole point as far as I am concerned. There's nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure.

    I too, like that tree! You find the most interesting trees while you are out.

    My goals for the year:
    1. Make more art, and not worry about what everyone thinks about it
    2. Try not to take my teenaged daughters' moods and attitudes personally so much
    3. Learn. Whatever strikes my fancy and whatever I can manage
    4. Keep remembering not to take people and life in general for granted

    That's it. I think that will keep me busy enough- and it's broad enough so I won't feel like a giant flop when I look back! lol

    Talk to you soon!

    Christa xo