Monday, November 9, 2009

If only i'd get on with it!.....

Its Monday, its wet and windy and I'm at home.... I have so many half finished projects at the moment that i've given up counting them! Thanks to Cathy my knitting infatuation is back, but that is a good thing as i have not one but two unfinished cardigans on the go, and i have to knit something for my Dad's birthday in December.
I'm playing with Fantastic Plastic, which is really cool, and i have a blank canvas (literally!) ready to fill.
Thats not including the two minis I have to give this month.....
And am i doing any of it? No! i'm sitting here talking about it!!
Ho hum, i'm sure inspiration will kick in any minute now....
Hope your day is more productive then mine!

1 comment:

  1. The inspiration will definately kick in soon. We all have those days that it gets a bit overwelming, just be patient and you will be knocking out all those projects and then waiting for more.