Wednesday, June 25, 2014

July Craft Classes.


I was just looking at the calendar and realized that June has all but gone...... I know they say "the older you are, the quicker time flies" but I am not that old, where has the year gone??!!

We are going on holidays in the middle of July so there is a lot to get in before then, just as well I like to be busy :)

This coming Saturday 28th, I am going to Caroline's house in Bunmahon, co. Waterford and we are making altered configuration books. They will be slightly different to the one I made because I got tempted by new papers!
                         I used scraps of all sorts for mine, but in the class we will use Prima's "Something Blue"
                                                               (This class is fully booked.)

Then, its road trip time! off to Mayo I go - Kate and I are hosting the banner class (the last one for this project, it was supposed to be May, but finally I'm getting to go!) it is being held in Castlebar on Wednesday 2nd July, 7 pm. You can contact Kate for more details if you're interested.
(How you photograph a banner and manage to get it all in the shot and show the detail is a mystery to me)

Saturday 5th July is a kids art class at home, there wasn't a spare Saturday in the whole of June to do one so we missed out but we will be back to normal in September. I have kids camp classes in August, three days which you dip in and out of, or come to them all - more details on those soon.
                   There are still 4 places for this if you want to send your Smallies along.

Then the last one before I pack my bag is Tuesday 8th July,  7.30 pm at my house. I can't tell you what we're making because its a surprise (all the regular Ladies who come think that means I don't have a plan, but I do!!) 'Tis very pretty and not something i'd usually do.... and that's all i'm saying!

                                      That's it for classes, but I just wanted to show you this:

 These are our friends Kerry and Francois.They came over for the evening supposedly to help us with our French before we go away, but it lead to wine and chat (in English) and eventually Kerry and I got sidetracked by a craft project.  Anyhoo, she was using the cropodile and he was saying"what is theese" in his French accent.

Then he took it off her and set all the eyelets himself...... perhaps we have a new crafter!!

I hope you are all enjoying the fine weather and still finding a bit of crafting time - See you in July!
F xx

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cottlestone Pie - let the renovations begin!

My Mum moved again...(her 10th move, but she promises that this is the last one)

For as long as I can remember my parents bought houses that needed a bit of love and made them beautiful. It might have been just a lick of paint or it might have been re wiring, re plumbing, build a wall, take down a wall - always a new kitchen and more wooden floors than I care to remember laying!

I'll give you a quick background story to get you up to speed......

My Dad was in the army when my brother and I were born so we lived in barracks in England and Singapore. Then he left, got a job in the middle East which took him away for three months then home for one until he took early retirement in 1996.
We lived in one house in Kent for about ten years while we went to school, then when I went to college they started the "moving, re doing, selling " dance and on and on it went. They actually had boxes that they didn't unpack so they would be ready for the next move!

They moved to Ireland about 16 years ago and have had three houses in that time. This move is different though - this is my Mums first (and last) move without my Dad who sadly died nearly two years ago.
She has downsized to a 1974 bungalow in the perfect location - close to town but still in the countryside. It has three small bedrooms, a small kitchen and living room, a bathroom and an add on at the end which is being used as a store room at present.

Did you get that it is small? She calls it her Dollhouse, well, actually she called it "Cottlestone Pie" (its a song that Winnie the Pooh sings, she's quirky like that!)

She chose it for the location, the garden and the fact that the renovations were only cosmetic.... or so we thought!

The first room to be tackled is the sitting room - its about 14x14ft with a chimney breast and a  large window.

Here is the photo from the estate agents blurb:

I think whoever took this photo was outside with the camera sticking in the window because this photo makes it look bigger than it is!

That fireplace is very grand.... its actually very nice, but she felt it was a bit overpowering for the size of the room. "Wouldn't a wood burning stove look nice there?" she said.

So, out it came.

The list of jobs turned out to be, take out the fireplace and back boiler, re line the walls because they were so uneven, take out the fitted shelves, take up the carpet and lay a wooden floor, put in new skirting boards and architrave, lay marble tiles instead of a hearth, have the stove installed, add lining paper to the walls and paint it & get new furniture.

We have traveled far and wide to find the furniture, I wanted this but I was outvoted..... look at how pretty  it is!!!!

The sofas she chose are being delivered next week, which means we have  a lot to get done before then. 

I will be back with more photos and to tick things off that list next week.

F xx

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Configuration Book Workshop.

Have you seen the Tim Holtz Mini configuration books? 
They come in craft coloured heavy chipboard ready for you do whatever you want to them.......
Here is my finished project, I painted the whole thing white and didn't use all of the little boxes inside (which leaves me with two little boxes to make something else with).
I used scraps of paper from different collections and then used up lots of the trinkets that were in my stash.... you know the ones you're keeping for something special? yeah, those ones!

I deliberately kept the front embellishments flat so that it could slot in with books on the shelf, but if you want it to be on display you could put much more dimension onto the front cover.

                                                  The spine looks  pretty amongst the books.

If you want to come and do this workshop, I will be in Bunmahon Co. Waterford on Saturday 28th June. There are three places left, so let me know if you're interested - its a good project for all levels, if you're thinking of taking up paper crafts then its a great first project!
For everyone who is already booked in I will post a list of things to bring very soon.
F xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Bank Holiday Weekend.

The June bank holiday means only one thing in Killarney..... the BIKEFEST!!!!!
Town is filled with bikers from all over the world, every hotel, B&B and campsite has rows of amazing bikes in front of it, and it really is the best event of the year (and we have a lot of events going on here!)
I spent the afternoon out at the Gleneagle listening to the bands, dreaming of being a Harley owner, picking out my choice of bike and since there is a tattoo festival incorporated, resisiting the urge to get more ink!

                                             Eoin, Zac, Ebony and Gilly enjoying the  sunshine.

                                Since the day was fine we had our first outdoors dinner of the year


Typically, when it came to dinner time, the heat of the day had disappeared so the chiminea was lit (much to Toby's delight!) Tomorrow the plan is to take the dogs to the beach, it might be a sun screen day or a woolly hat day, you never can tell.
Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday too!