Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally Finished!

A long time ago, like last October I was handed an envelope full of photos and asked to make a wedding album from it.
The brief was "something unusual"........
and then the fateful words...."there's no hurry"

A word of warning people, you should NEVER tell me there is no hurry, give me a deadline and 99% of the time I will make it , but I am brilliant at putting things off!

The people in the photo are Michael and Miriam, they married in 2005 so obviously they weren't in too much of a hurry to get an album & in my defence I had it made with the exception of the front cover in March, but you know what happened then........

So, they had loads of photos , I made 8 inner pages from black card (it is A4 sized) and bound it with the "stack the deck" system, but I had to modify it to make it strong enough.
Then I made a front and back cover from chipboard, covered it in modpodge and layed tissue paper over the top. This made a lovely crinkled effect. When it dried I sprayed it with Tim Holtz Colorwash in Eggplant, and then made a spray from Luminart Blushing Rose which gave it a lovely pink shimmer ( the colourwash looks a little dull by itself)

I cut the aperture before I sprayed the cover then added the photo - the inside is covered with black card so it all looks tidy. Then I made some paper flowers (which also got sprayed to match) and added some bling, music note paperclips (Miriam is a musician) and a book plate with their wedding date. I used Tim Holtz corners to finish it off and a hitch fastener and black crinkled seam binding as a closure.

I will deliver it today which means 8 years and 4 months after their wedding they will be to show people their wedding photos!!

F xx

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