Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ha! The computer whizz has worked out how to add photos..... just in case you are as computer challenged as myself and blogger won't let you add photos anymore, this is how you do it.....
Click HTML not Compose, add photos then click back to compose and voila!

So, this is the old fridge, it will be sadly missed.... (if you wonder why i'm showing you pictures of fridges read the previous post.)

This is the new fridge - its really tall, so tall that Ebony can't see whats on the top shelf (she's the shortest one of the family!) I don't know if I love it yet, but i'm very glad its here!


  1. I love it- mostly because it works! I think it's cool-looking too, by the way! Glad you have a working fridge again :)

  2. that is probably the tallest fridge I have ever seen :)
    I bet it feels good to have it!