Monday, November 26, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend was mad, Friday was Zac's 16th birthday, Saturday was the annual Art&Wine night, Sunday was the Malton Craft fair....... and today is Monday and I haven't done a whole lot!

So, Zac had school and went to the cinema on Friday evening. On Saturday mornings he has a tennis lesson, this is what Ebony made him for a birthday treat, after two hours of running around the court he was ready for it.... (I should tell you that he didn't eat it all, Ebony ate some. It was French toast, bacon and maple syrup)
 The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the art show. The pictures have to be hung in the afternoon, every artist gets one of these grids, so I took eight of my Dads paintings and two new ones of my own. They were mostly sea and landscapes with one acrylic nude that he painted in a fit of doing something different!

I was searching for a nice photo of him and my Aunt Kate (Dads sister) had taken this photo of him and kindly sent it to me at the last minute. This is the small frame you can see in the centre.

This art & wine night is a huge social affair, the whole town goes and you meet people you haven't seen since the last show, so its a chance to get glammed up. Since my hair hadn't been cut for a full year I decided it was time..... I should have known better! the cut is lovely but the hairdresser (Marion, who is lovely but doesn't understand how I can live with out a hairdryer) went all out with the styling process.... 
As you can see! 
 And as you can see in this photo its gone from curly to straight- ish. It was a bit dramatic for my liking so I went home and redid it. (don't tell Marion!)
Here I am with my Mum, I was so glad she went, she seemed to really enjoy it and met lots of people she knew. See that seascape to my right? well we don't have it anymore because it sold!!!
 The following day was the craft fair, so I was back in the same hotel at 10 am setting up. My brother had made me this beautiful little dresser and this was its first show day. It did really well! its light so I can carry it myself  but sturdy so its safe. It was much admired and everything fitted on it perfectly.
 The notebooks and diaries are always the best sellers, but this time I had more cushions, little sewing jars and hand knitted rabbits amongst other things.
 It was hugely busy, I think they had about 95 stalls of crafts and artisan foods. The lady behind me had delicious cupcakes so I didn't go hungry!
So that was the weekend. Today I finally put all the crafting stuff away, you can see the top of the kitchen table and the top of my desk again! but since there is another fair in two weeks time it won't be tidy for long!


  1. Oh WOW!!!! What an amazing week-end. Firstly happy birthday Zac, love the look of all your pancakes, yum!!!

    Well done to you and your Dad on the craft fair, WOW!!!!!!!!! I adore everything, the dresser, your lovely haircut, the cushions, prints OMG I absolutely love those, adn your little notebooks, soooo lovely!!! Your Mum looks so young too!

    Everything is beautiful!!! Do you sell your framed prints and notebooks on Etsy Felica? I would love to take a peek.

    Good luck with your next event, I'm sure it will be a HUGE success!!!

    Suzie xxx :)

  2. What a fun weekend!!
    Congratulations on the sale of the painting.
    Such great photos of everything and everyone :)

  3. Hi Felicia, thanks for stoping by my blog. Your wine and art events sounds like a fun event. So happy to know about your sale of the paintin. You are so blessed to have your Zac, he is one handsome boy.