Friday, September 28, 2012

Here it is!


  1. Well done Falica!!! I have been running a Children's club for over a year now at my local primary school where my kids go. It's a lunch time craft club for year 6 (6th class) I only have 45 mins during their lunch to have to think of projects that would suit both boys and girls of this age, and easy make and take projects. The kids LOVE IT!!! I would love to take it further like you, and run some weekly paid classes and do bigger projects. Could I ask, have your hired out a hall? or are you running this from home. I would be very interested to know as I'm thinking of doing something similar here. Good luck with it all, I bet you will a fantastic teacher and the kids will have wonderful fun! Suzie xxx :)

  2. Felica, just a point, you might want to take change some of your settings. I had huge difficulty leaving a comment, as it asks you to type mixed up letters and so on, which are very hard to view. I used to have this on my blog, but have removed it, and it's a lot better :) xxxx