Thursday, June 28, 2012

Karens Vintage Mini.

Yesterday I received a  lovely email from Karen to let me know the mini album had arrived.
 So here is a video for you -
BE WARNED: 'tis a bit wobbly due to the fact I was too lazy to find the tripod.... (shame on me!)

After I had made it I added some more to the cover, photos below.

How are you getting on with your albums? July 2nd is the posting deadline so you still have loads of time! I am usually working up to the deadline but once I started this I couldn't stop so it was ready early for a change!


  1. Very Pretty Album Felecia!! :-)
    Karen must be Very Happy! :-)
    Inky Hugs,
    Michelle xx

  2. This is really pretty. It was a lovely theme to work with. I had mine finished very early as well.

  3. My dear Felicia- I so loved your video and actually hearing your voice! I love the album as you know and couldn't be happier w/it. Thankfully, from watching the album video I discovered there were lovely envelopes. I thought the papers in between were to add layering and texture and hadn't pulled them out- I can't wait to fill them w/something for my new art space, perhaps tiny bits of vintage images, etc...yes, I can be very selfish and not actually send them out to anyone (especially right away!) and keep them all for myself*** thanks so much for being my swap partner...mine is finished and I will be putting it in the mail tmo Karen