Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally, a new post!!

My camera has been out of action, the battery charger broke and I can't find the lead for getting the pictures off my phone so there have been no posts......... its true, honest!!
But, I have two little projects to show you, first the weather here is amazing so the deck needed to be spruced up a bit - I made paper bunting a while back (that could be anything from last summer to 2009!) but I can't find the piccys to remind you. Anyhoo, even though the deck has a roof the weather still got the better of that so this year I made it out of wood.
there is a distinct lack of plants on the deck at the moment, by June it'll be full of flower pots and colour.

You can't see it in the photo but the white spots are covered in Glamour Dust so they sparkle in the sun! As the wind whistles through here I screwed each piece onto the wooden fence so it doesn't blow away - hopefully it'll last longer than the paper version!

Once upon a time I painted a plain wooden chest to be my sewing box.

and then yesterday I decided that I really didn't like it much and so I changed it......... my reason being that (fingers crossed) we will be adding a tiny extension to our home this summer which will serve as my craft room (studio will far too grand a word for it!)
We haven't even worked out how big it will be yet, but I already know how its going to be decorated and this sewing box just wouldn't match!

A little undercoating....

and removal of knobs.....

some paper, mod pogde, stick pins, lace, buttons and flowers ....

and there you have it, a new sewing box to match a room that has yet to be built!!

I hope you're enjoying the sunshine,
F xx


  1. Hi Felicia,
    Love both of your new projects!!
    It's prob best you did screw down the banner!!
    This is Ireland after all!! LOL!!
    The wooden box turned out Fantastic, did you get that here?
    Would love to get something like that!! :-)
    Inky Hugs,
    Michelle xx

  2. Hi Michelle, the box comes from Rayher - a German company, they sell alot of their stuff in Vibes & Scribes in Cork. Not sure where else you could get it but i'll keep my eyes open for you!
    How are you by the way?

    Love F x

  3. Thanks Felicia,
    Will give them a call tomorrow! :-)
    I am good thanks, apart from us all being sick on and off since before Christmas!! :-(
    To say I am SICK of being SICK is an understatement!!! LOL!!
    How are you keeping?
    Looks like many exciting things are happening for you! :-)
    Fianlly figured out how to post comments again!!
    Think Blogger hates me!! LOL!!
    Inky Hugs,
    Michelle xx

  4. beautiful work felicia, love this very much xxx

  5. One day WHEN I get to Killarney, I am gonna sit out there under the bunting and have my picture taken with a spotted bowl of coffee, sitting with my bestie on that bench! You just wait and see! xoxoxo