Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I have four craft fairs and one art show to do between now and the end of November - 'tis the season after all!
 I've been like a little elf in santas workshop making all kinds of pretties, there are notebooks and keyrings, cushions, prints, new framed prints, cards and the like.

I am not very disciplined though, I make two of something and then I want to do something else ( i've started to set goals for myself otherwise nothing would ever get finished!) I'm sure it would be more productive if I just made keyrings today and cushions tomorrow but I end of doing a bit of everything everyday!

Recently I got a notion to paint something, and here it is............

I love the sentiment - you never know whats in store for you, "Life is a delicious mystery!!"

I'm going to be putting this  up for sale in my Etsy shop.... there are so many things to go onto the Etsy, I will have to schedule a morning to do nothing else!

Anyway I hope you like it, and I hope your day is delicious!!


  1. LOVE this, the sentiment is fantastic! :)

  2. You are being a very busy beaver. This is really nice. That new die is very versatile. Enjoy the craft fairs hope you sell lots.