Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hi again,

My teeny, tiny desk area got featured on "Where People Create" - the lovely Ann from AMG-Arts runs this blog that shows peoples studios, desks, kitchen tables, or wherever it may be that they make their art/crafts.

Send in your photos and answer the questions so that I can have a nosey at your space too!

Check out some of the older posts...... FABULOSO!!!! warehouses and beautifully decorated rooms, just the thing for nosey parkers like me!!!!!


  1. Hi Felicia, just dropping by after seeing your mini album tutorial on Crafting Ireland! it is fabulous, can't wait to give it a bash!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for next month!!

  2. Love your crafting area Felicia!!

  3. ...also Where People Create have got a makeover so here hoping it makes the visiting experience even better! :)


    Liking your blog btw! :P

    Your newest fan!