Saturday, July 30, 2011

the first day of my new life...!

Well, how are you? I am fine, more than fine actually!

Here is the latest Polly to join the family, " There is nothing worse than normal" the first lot of printing didn't turn out well, buts that the beauty of painting - paint over it and start again!
I have just made some prints of her to bring to the Ballylongford craft fair tomorrow. Along with cushions, fridge magnets, keyrings and notebooks its going to look like Polly World!!!!

What else? well.......... yesterday Tim retired from his job after 43years of service!!!! (well deserved i'd say!) and since my Etsy shop is empty, my blog is neglected, there are craft fairs that i'm missing because I dont' have time to make things, its probably the last summer that my son wants to spend time with me and I have a million things to catch up on........ I decided to retire too!!!!!!!!

That is actually an exaggeration! what i'm doing is taking the whole month of August off, and then in September I hope to get a part time job and make a serious attempt to sell art.... there i've said it out loud!!! its now out in the universe for everyone to hear...... scary!!!!!

There is a major decoration/ swapping of rooms going on at the moment, so i'm actually hoping it rains for the next few days. If the sun shines, i'll be gone and there will be nothing done! I have a sneaky suspicion that "the whole month of August" will turn into, "what? its september already?!"

Thats my news, i'm packing boxes for the fair tomorrow and will report back on all the things I bought while I was there!

Enjoy your weekend,
Felicia x


  1. Good on you. You are a very talented lady and you deserve to be out there sharing your talent. Best of luck to you I hope it works out which I am sure it will. Give my best wishes to Tim on his retirement although its doubtful if he will be able to stay idle. Talk to you soon.

  2. How are your Polly's selling Felicia? Do they do well? What items do you sell most of? Just wondering as I'm thinking of doing a few bits and pieces of my art too :)